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Our terracce IN the lake

At Hotel Bellerive we have a secret place …  for special moments only.

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Y Factor Survey - Young Women and Labour Market Activation

Who? Y Factor

What? Y Factor is a project of the National Women’s Council of Ireland. The Y Factor project was established on the basis that gender inequality affects people at all stages in their lives and at all levels – from family life to global relations. 37 more words

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Love, From Future You

Who: Aoife Price and Cassie Delaney.

What: Love, From Future You – a mental health project.

What do I have to do?: All they ask is that you pick a tough time in your life, and write a letter with the advice you would’ve given to yourself. 31 more words

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100KM of passion

Flavors, scents, emotions to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Being at the center of an extraordinary environment means also to have excellent raw materials available from the crystal clear lake and rolling hills, but also from the wise mountains and the generous plain. 60 more words

The United Nations wants to know what matters most to you VOTE now!!

You’re part of a global vote at the United Nations, allowing people for the first time to have a direct say in shaping a better world. 113 more words

The best music

Selecting every day the best music for you ❡❡❡❡

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