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Dealing With the “Visible” Homeless

MOLA:42’s Guide to Hoovervilles (or Dealing With the “Visible” Homeless)

There’s yet another subject of discussion knocking around… and as usual I don’t know exactly where I stand… the modern “Hooverville.” 1,152 more words

Haves Vs. Have Nots

Bad news for measure R haters, the data isn’t going your way

Whether it’s the “oppress the workers” Eureka Chamber of Commerce or Eureka’s “cowardly” City Council, there’s not much love out there for Eureka’s Measure R amongst the powers that be. 804 more words

City Council

"A storm is threat'ning.....My very life today.....If I don't get some shelter……….."

In a recent post on this blog “Move the bums along in Arkleyville – MOLA:42’s Guide to the Search for Elsewhere” a regular commenter “re:pete” wrote: 549 more words


Is there a huge wage and benefit gap in this county?

About $40,000 dollars a year is the so called median income in Humboldt.

Humboldt County wants to pass a half cent sales tax to supposedly help fund rural Law Enforcement, because there is not enough money! 94 more words

Board Of Supervisors

Measure R might kill Eureka jobs?

Bill Holmes a big supporter of Eureka’s Measure R  passes this story along:

Fast Food CEO Says Minimum Wage Hike Kills Jobs. Not in 13 States. 745 more words

Election 2014