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Bad news for measure R haters, the data isn’t going your way

Whether it’s the “oppress the workers” Eureka Chamber of Commerce or Eureka’s “cowardly” City Council, there’s not much love out there for Eureka’s Measure R amongst the powers that be. 804 more words

City Council

"A storm is threat'ning.....My very life today.....If I don't get some shelter……….."

In a recent post on this blog “Move the bums along in Arkleyville – MOLA:42’s Guide to the Search for Elsewhere” a regular commenter “re:pete” wrote: 549 more words


Is there a huge wage and benefit gap in this county?

About $40,000 dollars a year is the so called median income in Humboldt.

Humboldt County wants to pass a half cent sales tax to supposedly help fund rural Law Enforcement, because there is not enough money! 94 more words

Board Of Supervisors

Measure R might kill Eureka jobs?

Bill Holmes a big supporter of Eureka’s Measure R  passes this story along:

Fast Food CEO Says Minimum Wage Hike Kills Jobs. Not in 13 States. 745 more words

Election 2014

The Eureka City Council’s ironic and distorted vision

If the stars align just right, and the Mercury retrograde doesn’t have a negative effect, than the Town Downer might actually become an asset to the community, instead of the dilapidated cesspool that’s been an eyesore in Eureka for far too many years. 379 more words

City Council

Criminalize failure, poverty, and weakness / Immunize strength, wealth and success

Yesterday we talked about EPD dividing the city along racial and economic lines. Today were going to talk about this on a national scale like we did in our post on… 374 more words