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Having baby in Oil Town

Pregnancy is not an illness, but a natural process, for the majority of women.

So why do they sit for three, up to eight hours in OB/GYN (obstretician/gynocologist – specialist in high-risk/complicated pregnancy and women’s health) clinics in Fort McMurray, waiting for a regular prenatal appointment? 1,314 more words


Deciding on a Home Birth: Part 2

At first, we were very hesitant about a home birth because we didn’t know enough about it. So we did research and asked questions and once we realized that it’s safe, we became pretty excited. 216 more words


Deciding on a Home Birth: Part 1

My girlfriend Chelsea gave birth to my son Gabriel in a hospital, and it was a very medical birth. She didn’t get to have the experience she wanted, as she was induced, hooked up to an I.V, and forced to lay on her back. 322 more words



Dear Asshole,

I’m over people. I’m over my “friends” … I’m marrying your father in 3 weeks and I’ve been forced into a bachelorette party trip that I didn’t want in the first place. 213 more words


Are You Baby Crazy?!

Did you know that they have Pills That can Get You Pregnant?  I didn’t either until i read this post about a pill that helps you have a baby……. 24 more words

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August Newsletter

Hey friends!  It’s high time for a newsletter.  Life here was a little bonkers but now it’s getting groovy again.  I missed July so I’ll fill you in on the happenings here in the photo studio, mommy life (that’s right a baby finally came), and any other happenings worth mentioning. 323 more words


Have A Kid: Fulfill Your Destiny

It’s not entirely cavemannish. Since time immemorial men have clubbed their mates, knocked them out and taken them off to the caves and mated. In due time, a wailing little poop-monster came forth and the mother multitasked by feeding, cleaning, feeding and cleaning some more and then turning into a saber-tooth tigress to protect the poop-monster from time to time. 213 more words