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'Having it all' has officially jumped the shark A once-thoughtful discussion

Article By: Elissa Strauss

In the ad, Chanel taps into the work/life balance, “having it all” question that dominates much of the conversation surrounding gender equality. 539 more words


These are the conversations your colleagues are having about egg freezing

Recently, Facebook and Apple announced that they would pay for employee egg freezing. This launched a heated debate about the place of employers in women’s reproductive decisions, whether egg freezing is a good alternative to starting a family, and how women juggle the anxiety of work and kids with the existing support structures. 2,079 more words

Having Your "All"

As a member of a panel addressing issues of interest to college women, I was asked for my take on the idea of “having it all.” I was a little disheartened to hear that yet another generation of bright women is beginning their careers struggling with this ambiguous notion. 506 more words

Wildly Important Goals

There’s a space on my closet floor, just under the rack of clothes we rarely wear and to the left of the half-unpacked bags from our last vacation, where I throw things that don’t yet have a home. 832 more words


Having It All?

Imagine that you’re being interviewed for an executive high-level management role.

And you’re asked the question, “How do you manage being an executive and running a family?” 181 more words


Obsessing about other women’s work/life balance

As the mother of young children, you might not get chance to do much, but while you’re freezing your arse off in playgrounds, you do have lots of time to think about stuff. 595 more words

A Career Out of Not Having A Career

A couple of weeks ago while we were getting dressed for an upcoming performance at a swanky hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, a friend and fellow dancer said to me, “You have made a career out of not having a career. 366 more words

Being 30