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Friday Night

Lisa took another sip of her cocktail.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “I haven’t shown you my pictures from Thailand!”

“Oh yes! Let me see!” squealed Anne. 1,940 more words


#SLA2014 closing session

Following the business meeting, which rather to my surprise I found informative and interesting, the conference closing session rounded off the whole event in style. Four speakers gave short, dynamic, TED-talk-style presentations, and I felt that their enthusiasm and eclectic subject matter was the perfect conclusion.


He will be just fine

I’ve been beating myself up all week.

Right blow.
Left blow.

Mario experienced his first Boy Scout camp this week. It’s been a bit of a fiasco since we learned three days before camp that an adult needed to be with him at all times during the 8 am to 4 pm camp. 1,042 more words


Why the Superwoman Syndrome is So Dangerous!

Often I speak of the dangers of the Superwoman Syndrome, most importantly because as women, we are bombarded with  ideas that we should be able to “do it all” (balance work, family, personal interests in harmony) on a regular basis with a smile on our face. 599 more words

Empowering Moms

My take on a corporate hero, in middle management

I came across a post about being a corporate hero today.  I like a lot of what is said, but I had a few thoughts to add to the discussion. 714 more words


Jumping off the Treadmill of Life

Though I write this in the middle of summer, I realize this easily applies to  back to school season, the holiday season, or ANY time of the year. 603 more words

Inspirational For Women


Women are really important right now. Women are everywhere. Women are mothers running a household, and now they are CEO’s running a corporation. It’s difficult to avoid women. 1,275 more words

Deep Thoughts