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Giving creates thanksgiving

A friend of mine recently posted that she was in tears of joy and gratitude because she is able to offer real assistance to a coworker who’d been admitted to the hospital. 353 more words

Happy Holidays

Managing time and anxiety to make a holiday really happy.

Happy Thanksgiving!! I don’t care what anyone says, this is a stressful time of year.

I am doing everything I can to make it and subsequent holidays happy. 1,044 more words


Will all part-time mothers please stand up?

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Hmmm… Don’t see anybody yet… Wait, wait maybe… Oh, nope that was just a cricket I heard chirping in the corner.

Oh, riiiiight, maybe no one is standing up because it doesn’t f’ing exist.   461 more words


Middah Transition: Having It All.

Why do Jews learn in chevruta?  There are so many reasons: it’s traditional, it’s enjoyable, it’s helpful… it balances the need for personal internal space (that inner echo chamber that helps us process ideas as they first take shape) with the need to be challenged from the outside, to be questioned by a curious voice, to rephrase our ideas when they almost – but don’t quite – make sense. 196 more words

Middah: Definition And Drash

Plenty of mommy guilt to go around, hubs

Some mornings I like to link to a contentious article on Facebook and just see what happens by afternoon.

I don’t want to start battles, only conversations (remember that by early afternoon, I’m usually still in my robe catching a few minutes of freelance-work-done screen time while my 2yo plays with blocks and most of the sentences I’ve uttered the whole day probably involved warnings to not throw said blocks. 1,083 more words

Social Commentary

Almost-Mid-Life-Crisis: Does it ever go away?

Even though it does not reflect on my blog, I’ve been writing a lot this week. I’ve been mostly writing prose too self reflective and embarrassing to post, so for now it will remain in my journal. 439 more words

Being 30


We are never told by the media, tradition, or society that it is impossible to have “it all”

Recently I had a final where I had to define what it means to be a successful woman in today’s day and age.

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