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My take on a corporate hero, in middle management

I came across a post about being a corporate hero today.  I like a lot of what is said, but I had a few thoughts to add to the discussion. 714 more words


Jumping off the Treadmill of Life

Though I write this in the middle of summer, I realize this easily applies to  back to school season, the holiday season, or ANY time of the year. 603 more words

Inspirational For Women


Women are really important right now. Women are everywhere. Women are mothers running a household, and now they are CEO’s running a corporation. It’s difficult to avoid women. 1,275 more words

Deep Thoughts

Do You Have "It"?

Apparently, there is some of this nonsense going around the traps at the moment, once again, about ‘Having It All’.

I’m not sure if it’s dedicated to women, men, children, grandparents, single parents, homosexuals, short people, tall people, blondes, redheads or who.  917 more words

"I" Before "We" - Three Life Lessons I Want To Pass Down To My Kids

As I waddle my way through the last three weeks of my second pregnancy, I have more time to think about the more important, deeper issues of being a parent (clothes and nursery decorating ideas notwithstanding, of course!) A mother-of-two co-worker brought it up one lazy Friday afternoon: “What do you want your kids to learn from you?” It prompted me – during another one of my 3 a.m wakings when my little bun feels that it’s the most appropriate time to do a little jig in the oven – to get to pen and paper and write a few things down. 1,207 more words


Post Series: A Woman’s Place Within Religion, Society and Culture

Shaykh: A male religious figure in Islam, usually someone who is well learned in traditional knowledge.

The term ‘Shaykha’ is probably not one known to many, it means a ‘female shaykh’, i.e. 857 more words


The Lost Girls, or How I Acquired 'Edith's Problem'

My friends and I have been talking for about this for a few years now. As we are enter into the decade that starts with a 5, we have learned that we are the Lost Girls of Menopause. 836 more words

All In The Family