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We All Can't Have It All, Can We?


We can’t have it all.
Lord knows, I’ve tried.
I almost did, once or twice.

Then…. pffffft. Gone.
At the last minute I hesitated, 478 more words


The Invisible Single Woman

by Sara Hinkle

As I synthesized the messages of various books and articles focused on women in leadership and considered how they applied to my own life situation, I came to a realization: as a single, childless woman in my 40s, my point of view is not really being represented at all. 1,495 more words


Exclusive Interview: Heavenly advice from Dr. Heavenly Kimes, DDS

Some women believe they can have it all and with determination and perseverance they can reach their goal.  One such person is Dr. Heavenly Kimes, a wife, mother, dentist, business expert and an author. 630 more words

Liz Lemon thought she could have it all, it took a while, but she got what she wanted: a husband, kids and a job as a writer. 558 more words

Fitness in the Space Between, A Series Maybe

Since Sweet Pea was born, I’ve had many ‘come to Jesus’ moments, including reconciling the myth of ‘having it all.’ I didn’t think I wanted it all—I wasn’t climbing corporate ladders or out partying every night. 568 more words

Need Confidence Reach For Your Jimmy Choo's

How good do you feel when you put on your Jimmy Choo’s?………….. Ok, for you it may be sexy underwear, a red dress, maybe even when you put on your Lorna Jane running clothes. 580 more words


Lean in too far and you'll fall flat on your face. Why Sheryl Sandberg's got it wrong... Seriously, we've got enough on our plates.

Sheryl Sandberg’s got it all wrong. It’s not how hard you work that makes you successful, or even too much of what you know. Everyone knows that. 780 more words

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