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Mommy Guilt during Back to School Season?

I bumped into an old acquaintance whose children were grown, last week, who saw me with only one of my three children and asked “Your kids are back to school already….isn’t it so sad?” 706 more words

Empowering Moms

Let's Get Physical, Physical...

So I’ve been trying to deny the physical-ness of my being for a long time. Yes, it seems odd, huh? A body seems like a hard thing to deny, ignore or avoid. 845 more words

On Beyonce's Feminism

Last night at the VMA’s (Video Music Awards hosted by MTV), Beyonce did this.

Many people had mixed feelings about this coming from Bey.  They argued that Beyonce couldn’t be a Feminist because of her marriage to Jay-Z.   755 more words


Do I want it 'all'?

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about ‘having it all’ see here triggered by my reaction to Kirstie Allsopp’s comments about girls and education. 318 more words

About Me

I’m Not a Rebel, I just Can’t Be Bothered

There is no official guidebook to life and thank God for that because if there was, I would probably not be following it. I am notoriously bad at following recipes and instruction manuals. 502 more words

Being 30

Courage to Provoke Change: Another Thirty-Something Birthday Proclamation

It is this woman in her thirties birthday week. Yup, in just 4 days I will be staring down the at some sort of pastry, lips puckered and breath held, right before blowing out way too many candles. 343 more words

Being 30

No you can’t have it ALL. You have to fucking share!

A while back, Ann Marie Slaughter wrote a piece for the Atlantic bemoaning the fact that once you have children, dammit, you have to take some responsibility for those children, and that really put a cramp in her professional plans.  1,227 more words

The Truth