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Castings… Or interviews?

By Sylvana Peña Saffon

I recently graduated from college as a lawyer with a minor in philosophy. Which you might agree is a big accomplishment after six years of hard work. 1,077 more words


14 Fantasies for a Three-Day Weekend

If this were a different kind of website, I would write about the legacy and unfinished work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. But since it’s jokes on a mommy blog, I’ll instead be writing about all of the things I would very much like to do before this long weekend ends. 511 more words


Gratitude Attitude

1.) My first RSVP for the wedding! Hay!
2.) Get to pick up the elliptical today!
3.) Dinner with friends
4.) Brewery tours
5.) Reading a great book, “The Help” 25 more words

Having it all vs. leaving it all behind

Well, it’s that time of year: the time when every single headline, advertisement, and news show shouts out the idea of “new year, new you!” with relentless enthusiasm. 1,139 more words

"You'll get bored."

In advertising, everyone has a fantasy of how they’ll leave. Either you’ll tell your boss to fuck off, you’ll write a screenplay that sells for ten  448 more words


New Year's Resolutions? I Rather Have a Life Plan

It is the time of year when many make resolutions. Loose weight, be more organized, exercise more… these are the ones I used to make year after year. 775 more words


Having It All

“Having It All”, what does this really mean?  Well, it should mean something different for each individual.  Yes, there may be some similarity between individuals, but most definitely some differences.  171 more words