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Heard round these parts.

H:  I want something good and sweet.

Me:  You can have the other half of Jimi’s banana.

H:  You’re the Grinch.

Me:  I’m going to go to church Sunday. 159 more words

Flash! Friday--Vol 2 - 51

HIP HIP HURRAH!!!! WELCOME back to Flash! Friday (unless this is your first visit, in which case Welcome for the First Time!). Today is bittersweet and exciting and wonderful all wrapped up in one, as we round out Year Two and look ahead to next week’s Flashversary contest and then the launch of Year Three. 408 more words

Flash Fiction

Book Worm.

Havok has really started to show an interest in books.  Especially firefighter books. Not stories about firefighters, but the informative books.  He has a great memory and sometimes I catch him “reading” the stories to himself.  Proud teacher.  Proud mom.

My son, my son: A birth story. Part truth.

Part I here.  Part II here.

This is the part that is hard for me to admit.  To some extent, I’ve skirted around it with my husband.   248 more words

My son, my son: A birth story. Part II.

Part I here.

So I lied.  Life happened.  And I fell asleep on the couch before I could get part II up last night. I should probably be more organized and type up my posts beforehand.   547 more words