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Topless Tuesday! #AlexOloughlin

Imagine a day at work, or school, and the sheet your writing your notes in is something like this …. Good luck getting any work done!

Alex O'loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin shirtless in Hawaii Five-0 1-11 "Palekaiko"

Alex O’Loughlin swimming and fishing is a very nice sight.


Hey, fellow FUCUPs! Thanks for your lovely messages asking if I’m fine when I didn’t post here for a week (yeah, not cool)! I never thought anyone would notice, so my apologies for not giving you a heads up and hugs for your caring (mwah)! 80 more words

#Alex O’Loughlin

Hawaii Five-0 s4 ep 13

Internal Affairs is in town to investigate Chin’s links to his brother-in-law, Gabriel Wainwright, who turns out to be connected to a present-day murder and to the killing of Chin’s own father, also a detective, fifteen years ago. 163 more words


Silver lining?

Hopefully everyone slowly comes to grips with Catherine leaving. How it was handled aside here is a silver lining for the ones who are hopeless optimists. Like myself. LOL

Hawaii Five-0

Still not shaved off ;-)

As I said to Cokie, this year, with a wife and three kids the hair will not be shaven off. I should go and collect my win. 186 more words

Hawaii Five-0