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#keeper request

she said if anyone wants to meet her and see everything she has in terms of evidence that nicole and #theproblem are to blame for it all then come over to her house tomorrow. 59 more words

Nicole Rombaoa

how dumb is nicole?

i just listened to the conversation that she had with #theproblem that was recorded. how dumb is she? she’s going to believe someone else instead of talking to cody about it? 80 more words

Nicole Rombaoa

Beach Junk...lol

Just a picture from Chinaman’s Hat earlier today…although Chinaman’s hat is not in this photo at all lol


My Sunrise Expedition...With Pictures

Makapu’u is a pretty popular spot to catch the sunrise on Oahu.  When I made plans last night with my roommate to get up at 4:30 in the morning, I wasn’t sure of my ability to get up that early.   368 more words


line chat with cody

have any of you tried to one on one chat with cody on line? how about #keeper? #keeper gave me this information

he doesn’t read the site as much as we thought he did. 51 more words

Nicole Rombaoa

Warm up! Hawaii Through the Lens of an iPhone

Need a little warm up?

The following photos were taken over the course of 2013 entirely with (and processed on) an iPhone.

iPhoneography is the art of creating photos with an Apple iPhone. 29 more words


most of it

really does point at nicole and megan working together to create this mess. that’s why i don’t see why people think nicole deserves any mercy. we keep saying this is the age of technology and if we push cody far enough he will screw over nicole. 53 more words

Nicole Rombaoa