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Aloha my friends! Another beautiful day here in Hawaii and I thought I’d keep this post more visual and not bore you to death with an essay about my day. 104 more words


...pure joy...


A few years ago (ok…maybe more than just a few) I had the opportunity to work/live on a cruise ship. For eight months I sailed and explored almost every country bordering the Mediterranean as well as a few tiny islands in the Atlantic. 189 more words


Waimea Ocean Film Festival returns for 2015

The Waimea Ocean Film Festival returns to Waimea and the Kohala Coast in January 2015.

The festival hosts award-winning films, breakfast talks, question-and-answer filmmaker sessions, speakers and artistic exhibits. 32 more words


visitors explained

I can’t think of anyone who would search for the people mentioned on this site except for them. This would be that all of the views are coming from them. 80 more words


say it keepers

Why won’t you tell everyone that you both got fired? Everyone knows it. You had a job to do and didn’t get it done. Just as big a waste as Nicole Rombaoa is


bios postponed

I didn’t get around to doing them today. But the updates are coming. If I have time tomorrow then I can get it out. I’ll start with Nicole and Cody


End of the Road

A raging river of lava enters the sea at Waikupanaha, Kalapana, Hawaii. The incredible volume created consistent littoral explosions, sending ejecta flying through the air. A few hours after I shot this photo, there was a pretty significant bench collapse, taking roughly 2 acres of land… including the spot I was standing on! 24 more words