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The Theory of Everything, reviewed: Stephen Hawking biopic is a beautiful meditation on the universal power of love

Source: National Post

Author: Katherine Monk

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There are no significant revelations, but maybe that’s the beauty of James Marsh’s biopic about Stephen Hawking: … 709 more words


Stephen Hawking’s work just might explain our place in the cosmos

Source: National Post

Author: Lawrence Krauss

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Black holes? Singularities? Unitarity? Some might wonder why the public should care about the esoteric, abstract work of Stephen Hawking. 532 more words

Lawrence Krauss

Interstellar - Worm Holes, Black Holes, and Relativity for Dummies


Space. The Final Frontier.

Director Christopher Nolan has explored just about every aspect of storytelling when it comes to film. He has re-invented the superhero franchise, dabbled in magic, explored our imaginations and dreams, even told a story to us in reverse. 1,178 more words

Mike (50FGR Creator)

365 Things I love: Day 28

I’ve been doing this for four whole weeks! Hooray! Much longer than I originally thought I would make it.

I haven’t written a word for three days for Nano. 99 more words

365 Days