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Eagle Valley BaCC Spring 2: Hawking

I, there in the middle, am Dr. Carl Hawking.  To the far left is Galilei and Edwin, my middle children.  On my right is my companion LaShawn Cameron, carrying Marie and my daughter Tesla carrying Kepler.  1,162 more words

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Stephen Hawking: Why I support Assisted Dying

The 72-year-old cosmologist said it was “discrimination against the disabled to deny them the right to kill themselves that able bodied people have.”

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Eagle Valley BaCC Winter 2: Hawking

I am Dr. Carl Hawking.  I am currently holding my son Edwin Cameron, while my companion LaShawn Cameron is holding my second gift from the aliens, Galilei Hawking. 872 more words

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Selling sexy snuffboxes to schoolgirls, 1816

Union Hall: J. Price was brought up by Mr Byers, Inspector of Licenses, charged with hawking goods, not having a licence.

Mr Byers stated, that being at Richmond on Wednesday last, he observed the defendant going from house to house, selling twine and snuffboxes.

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Geon black holes and quantum field theory

A geon, short for gravitational-electromagnetic entity, was introduced in 1955 by John
Archibald Wheeler as a configuration of the gravitational field, possibly coupled to other… 670 more words


Eagle Valley BaCC Fall 1: Hawking

I am Dr. Carl Hawking, world famous astronomer.

I live at my observatory with my daughter Tesla and LaShawn.    It is LaShawn’s job to take care of Tesla while I am busy with my telescope, and yet she cannot even help with a child’s homework? 977 more words

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Eagle Valley Summer 1: Hawking

I am Dr. Carl Hawking, and this is my daughter Tesla.  Just last season she was gifted to me by the aliens.  I believe I will prove my worthiness if I can bring her up into an exceptional individual. 572 more words

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