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I have heard the sound of the wind whistle through the slit in a hawk's bell...

I became interested in birds of prey after a falconer brought one to my school and flew it across the hall. I was thrilled.

Years later I wanted a… 1,752 more words

Watch Hawking Pt. 4

**Here is part 4 of Benedict playing Stephen Hawking in Hawking..

Watch Parts 1 2 & 3

Benedict Cumberbatch

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”-Stephen Hawking

El universo de Aristóteles

Acerca del cielo (De caelo en latín, nombre por el que se conoce), de Aristóteles (384 aC – 322 aC), se compone de 4 libros y forma, junto a la… 3,567 more words


March 50th Birthday Present

As regular readers will know my wife has brought me a birthday present for each month of my 50th year.

January was a day shooting with pals in Dorset. 295 more words


Future Yeah-Show-Ya Clubs in the 2250s Years

This is a Picture showing Vlad Tepes Dracul,an in-law of Count st.Germain from the Rakoczi-Clan – a davidicMessianic Pretender with EternalLife, whose descendants may form a Club to Help Elect the Meshy Ace, or the Jazz Up CryPst,the Yeah-Show-Ya. 292 more words