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Removing the ‘Thing’ from The Hawthorn Raft

Over the last 18 months a rather large growth rapidly appeared on the lower right side of my Hawthorn Raft it was growing so large that the lower branch was being hidden and its movement lost look closely and you can see how fast it grew… cracking and swelling in all directions. 148 more words


Hawthorn Woods Realtor, Hawthorn Woods Real Estate Agent - YouTube

Hawthorn Woods Realtor, Hawthorn Woods Real Estate Agent Bob Blanke 847-773-7344 http://www.bobblanke.com

Bob Blanke-Barrington Realtor and Barrington Real Estate Agent serving Barrington Real Estate, Barrington Homes for sale and the surrounding area. 6 more words

Tao Tao House - Hawthorn - Sunday 16 November 2014 - Yum Cha

Is it just me, or is yum cha the most intimidating form of dining? For a polite diner, it often feels like asking the person on the trolley to repeat themselves is a faux pas. 736 more words

Brunching At The Roasting Houses of Melbourne

Melbournians are self-confessed coffee snobs, contemptuously turning up our noses at Starbucks and professing our undying love for Australian independent cafes. The major error that Starbucks made, was attempting to impose Americanised tastes into a market that had an existing coffee culture. 1,405 more words


Tearful Scenes In Melbourne Bar.

MELBOURNE, Wednesday.- Three hundred weeping customers staggered from the Tower Hotel, Burwood Road, Hawthorn, a suburb of Melbourne, late to-day after someone had dropped a tear gas “bomb” in the bar. 204 more words

Melbourne Pubs

Children of the Sun

Saint Peter’s churchyard in Sandwich is on the South side,  a good spot to bask for a quarter of an hour’s worth of Saint Martin’s Summer sunshine, having paid my Armistice Day respects to the poppies by the North door, and to the men they represent. 140 more words