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#FMSPHOTOADAY day 26...3 things

My 3 nice new jerseys/guernseys.
Queensland Reds signed by 11 players at training in Brisbane last Thursday.
Hawthorn signed by 29 players at training in Melbourne last Friday. 27 more words


House Sparrows and Collared Doves

OK I still have not sorted out the plug ins to get Xeno Canto embedded but my thoughts on House Sparrows.  They are brief so this 24 sec extract may be longer than it takes to read this. 317 more words

Hawthorns in the snow

I keep my Hawthorn Bonsai out all year even in a hard winter, the only time I would give winter protection is if it drops below -15c 


Covenant Cat: Expecting Inspections?

This periodic “advice column” addresses common questions about the Hickory Ridge village covenants and other property maintenance concerns. To keep it interesting, your questions are answered by a local feline who is surprisingly well-versed in covenant issues. 226 more words

Hickory Ridge

Tana Cafe

Tana Café
36 Church Street
Vic 3122
+61 4 2196 5656

Fakebooo and I brunched at Tana Café on one of our RDOs. It’s a small space with a Japanese-inspired menu that offers wholesome breakfast options. 371 more words


Crabapple Consumers

Even without much of anything to go on, all answers were correct! Although Cedar Waxwings were the predominant avian visitor to this crab apple tree when I visited it, there were also robins, starlings and crows feasting away (and presumably several other species, including turkeys, as some of you guessed, at other times). 295 more words

Tree Following January 2015

For several months I’ve been reading Lucy’s monthly tree-following blog at Loose and Leafy. Lucy and many other bloggers follow a tree for a year (or more), with monthly posts about their chosen tree. 198 more words