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His love for us is for real, true unconditional love.

Not too long ago, I thought that I knew God, but deep within me I only knew of Him and what I knew wasn’t even right or truth. 238 more words

Angel Vazquez

Once Upon A Dream...

I have had chronic insomnia my whole life. Ask my mom. She will confirm this with stories of me as a toddler keeping her up all night, wide awake and waning to hear another story or song while she was draped over the end of my bed, begging for sleep. 730 more words


Finding Heart Horse Book Signing at Vancouver Hay House Conference

I wanted to post some pictures of the book signing at Vancouver Hay House I Can Do It Conference before I start talking about

The Wall of Secrets, Memoir of The Almost Daughter… 75 more words


Our power.

Life is a box of chocolates, and we are all invited to eat our favorites. The last couple of months I been in a journey to learn how to master my thoughts and to understand how is it that things comes into our reality and we start enjoying the fruit of our work. 530 more words

Angel Vazquez

Yield to the Princess.

I want to share with you a memory from college, dear friend of mine in college, gave me a sign to put on my dorm room door that said “Yield to the Princess” I love, that sign so much, I think I still have it somewhere ¬†with college memorabilia and every time I saw it reminded me of the greatness that I posses within me and of the beautiful person I am. 113 more words

Angel Vazquez

Living a Divinely guided life...

“To live a Divinely guided life means allowing our physical lifetime to become an authentic expression of our own Divinity.” – Andrea from Empowered Souls… 274 more words

Angel Vazquez

Happy Friday!

I love Fridays, but even more so now, when it has become a day in which I sit down and meditate on the blessings that life give me through out the week. 377 more words

Angel Vazquez