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Freeing Your Mind From Judgement

Today I sit in a space of NON Judgement of myself and others!

I am GRATEFUL for everything that shows up in my life.

(Yes, these can be a tough, takes practice)! 100 more words

Phenomenally in Love...

I haven’t felt so grounded, loved and center in a very long time. It is so interesting how as you walk forward facing the things that once you fear they become nothing and you realized how unimportant they really were. 178 more words

Angel Vazquez

On a new journey.

Today, I start a new journey. A journey in which I make the rules as I go, I give the steps that need to be given to move forward and I am… 116 more words

Angel Vazquez

Guinea pigs, Michelangelo and skipping airline queues - welcome to the weird and wonderful world of angels

Well, as predicted, the angel stuff is not sitting well with me.

So far I’ve read two and a half of Doreen Virtue’s books in the hope that one of them will make more sense to me but they’re largely the same book repackaged in different ways. 843 more words

Alone, but free. I am loved, I am.

Have you ever made a choice in which you have to not only let go behaviors of yours, but also the things, places and people who otherwise will try to bring you down and get you to make the same mistakes again? 247 more words

Angel Vazquez

Interview with Dr. David Hamilton

I was lucky enough to meet with ‘Spiritual Scientist’ David Hamilton to gain an insight into his seventh book; ‘Is Your Life Mapped Out? Unravelling the Mystery of Destiny vs Free Will,’ published by Hay House. 420 more words