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It's the Possibility that Makes Life Interesting!

By Peggy Morehouse

A frightening topic Matthew Walker addresses in his book, Adventure in Everything, is low endeavor living. It involves things like staying with an unsatisfying job and mindless Internet surfing; activities that are easy, risk-free, and non-stimulating. 836 more words

Gratitude Day 24 - Thankful for who I am.

I am an inspirational teacher, shaman, second degree Reiki practitioner and musician. I am a graduate from Berklee College of Music, a published author. My first book, Believe – A Journey of Love was published in 2013 by Balboa Press, A Division of Hay House. 517 more words

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Gratitude Day 23

1. I am thankful for all the spiritual guidance and insight I have received about my near future experiences in the last couple of days. 78 more words

Angel Vazquez

Gratitude Day 22

1. Thankful for a beautiful and restful night under God’s love. // Agradecido por una bella noche en el amor de mi Padre en los cielos. 89 more words

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Gratitude Day 21

1. I am thankful because today I am a Second degree Reiki Master. I feel so amazing and today during the process of my Reiki attonement I understood how this Universe works for us, on our favor, always a step ahead preparing the path for us to walk. 336 more words

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Stroud Positive Living Group - October 2014

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Monday 6th October 2014
TITLE – What are you doing, where are you going? Intuition for Clarity.

The basic truth of life is that we are on a planet which is travelling around something that burns (the Sun) and we are held down by gravity, which science doesn’t understand and we have no real idea what it is all about. 319 more words

Gratitude Day 20

1. I am thankful for the inspiration to write new songs. // Estoy agradecido por la inspiración para escribir canciones.

2. I am thankful because I am willing to listen and put my trust on what God says of me and not what the enemy wants me to believe. 142 more words

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