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Eric's 12 Days of Anime #5: Over the Moon for Isao Takahata

Whenever the topic of Studio Ghibli comes up, inevitably casual consumers of anime are thinking about Hayao Miyazaki movies, not Isao Takahata movies. I remember having a conversation about Ghibli with one of my film professors, who likes some anime, and he was surprised that… 868 more words


Episode 3 - The Phone That Doesn't Ring

It was only a matter of time. A real long time. The Platinum Collection now reflects it’s name; it’s so hard to come by, we needed this. 1,629 more words


Spirited away at the Studio Ghibli exhibit

Last weekend I finally got to check out something on my list for a while that I’d been saving for colder months: the Studio Ghibli exhibition in Seoul! 291 more words


Eric's 12 Days of Anime #4: The Wind Rises, Ghibli Falls

You’re not a REAL anime fan if you tell me you don’t like any Studio Ghibli movies. Okay, that’s a lie as the whole “real anime fan” concept is bullshit, but most anime fans will admit to loving at least one of the prolific studio’s films. 951 more words


Getting Back to My Roots: My Favorite Miyazaki Edition

When asked which Hayao Miyazaki-directed Studio Ghibli film is my favorite (this surprisingly happens more often than not), I almost always reply with Castle in the Sky… 1,425 more words

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TOP 7: Dragons in Movie

7 dragons from 7 movies to fire-breath the cinema.” 633 more words



Mummy: If you could take a pill that always made you happy, would you?

Santiago (age 8): No, because it’s important to feel bad about things you do.  89 more words

Happiness (Wit = α+βxit+εit)