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IF you consider yourself a lover/fan of science and you don’t know this show then you are sorely missing out. The host, Neil Degrasse Tyson… 322 more words

Field Trip to the Planetarium

Today I was thrilled to be a substitute parent chaperone on for my little one’s field trip.  I hadn’t been able to snatch a spot as a chaperone on any trips for her and I had been bumming all year.  282 more words


"It's Like The Universe Was Talkin' To Me" – Neil Tyson's First Visit To The Hayden Planetarium

“It’s as though you were locked in a room your whole life and then somebody opens a window.”
– Neil deGrasse Tyson

Do you remember your first telescope?

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Properly viewed, everything is skewed

Most art movements come and go. Surrealism came and stayed.

That may be unfortunate: After all, Surrealism is not everyone’s cup of fur. But if you look around, you will see that Surrealism has become an entrenched part of American culture. 865 more words

An Afternoon With Dinosaurs

So if your Tiny Human screams “I don’t want to go into space!” during the space show at the Hayden Planetarium, it’s safe to assume he won’t be the next Buzz Aldrin. 496 more words

Why Revive 'Cosmos?' Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says Just About Everything We Know Has Changed

Neal DeGrasse Tyson did an interview with HuffPost on the upcoming Cosmos series.  I suspect we’ll see more of these before the weeks out.

Things are looking up for Neil deGrasse Tyson–way up.

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