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The Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan has had a rough few years, basically all of them since she was twelve. So let’s not spend our time wallowing in the drug-induced coma her life has become, instead let’s go back to a happier time, a time when she was twelve and remade The Parent Trap. 1,734 more words

So We Didn't Go Camping, But Don't Blame That On Me. :P

 I think I come off to some as someone who prefers to be pampered. Who likes things around me to be happy. I am Type A, who loves a plan and things to be properly in their place, to be sure, but I am adaptable when need be. 2,866 more words



Foster is a highly saccharine holiday film whose magic works best if you are completely invested in it. The movie is formulated to tug at heartstrings and tear ducts and does a masterful job. 381 more words

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