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I’ve been very distracted over the past few days and I haven’t ventured out from the confines of my room except to perform the absolutely necessary – work, bathroom breaks, food, walking Sidney, etc. 314 more words


The True Death for True Blood

This blog entry is packed full of spoilers for “True Blood” as if you haven’t watched the series finale yet then stop reading now.

I did not start watching this show when it first aired. 880 more words


Here's a $600 Million Plan to Sell HBO on the Web

Maybe, one day, says HBO and its parent company, Time Warner Cable. But probably not anytime soon: The pay channel makes oodles of money the way things are now, when it is tied directly to pay TV providers like Comcast.[...] If HBO tried [...] it could generate up to $600 million in new earnings,   estimates. 88 more words

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TCL Roku-enabled HDTV available today for pre-order

As we previously reported, TCL and Roku have partnered to create the first Roku-enabled television which is available for pre-order today via Amazon and are expected to ship in 2 to 3 months. 70 more words


How HBO is molding its little sister channel into a top competitor

“Skinemax” was struggling. In 2010, subscriber numbers at the US cable channel Cinemax, which earned that derisive nickname with its reputation for late-night soft-core pornography, were flat and starting to trend downward. 698 more words