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HBO may price online-only subscription service at $15 a month

The Information is out with a report that the monthly fee may start at $15. At $15 a month, the price is similar to how much HBO costs to have the service bundled with your cable or satellite package. 155 more words

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Herald Front Page Hits the Trifecta

The Boston Herald is at its most Heraldish today, with a trio of Page One stories that feature drugs, crime, greed, and, well, TV.

For our money, the best of the bunch is… 122 more words

Mark Cuban thinks Netflix could be a takeover target, for some reason

It’s been a difficult week for Netflix. First, a key competitor announced plans for a bona fide streaming product of its own. Next, an earnings report turned up… 461 more words

This Week in Tech – HBO May Really Go

Rejoice, cable cutters, for your wish has been granted. In 2015 HBO will begin selling a web-only subscription, an HBO Go for those who don’t want regular cable television if you will, according to CEO Richard Plepler. 318 more words


HBO to go cable-free in 2015

It’s not TV, it’s HBO. Such has been the slogan for the premium television network giant, and rightly so. HBO boasts some of the best current programming available such as… 365 more words


The depressing truth behind the internet TV revolution

An internet television revolution is sweeping across America! HBO will finally begin selling a standalone streaming service next year. CBS just launched an internet service… 490 more words

Want HBO Without a Cable Package? Now You Can Have It

Yesterday, HBO announced that they are finally giving viewers what they want; HBO Go will become a standalone streaming subscription service.  For all the cord-cutters (and wannabe cord cutters) out there, you now have a chance to pay only for HBO along with the myriad of over-the-top services that include multi-network content like Netflix or Amazon Prime. 266 more words

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