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HBO is Changing the Way it Releases Ratings

HBO is really striving to keep up with the way people watch TV these days. First they announced they would offer HBO Go by itself, meaning you don’t have to have cable to watch HBO. 282 more words


Concluding Thoughts

This semester we have looked at HBO as a brand from many different perspectives.  We have discussed the brand’s approach to cultural values, its cross-cultural significance, and its relationship to social class.   1,221 more words

Marketing And HBO

What Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Showtime and the rest of TV need to resolve to do in 2015

Back at the beginning of the year, I suggested five ways that television could save itself in 2014: new year’s resolutions that the networks needed to follow as they navigated “this strange new world of streaming, stacking and binge-viewing.” 981 more words

Comcast customers can finally watch HBO Go on their Rokus

Hell has frozen over for Comcast customers: Subscribers to the company’s Xfinity cable TV service can now watch their favorite HBO shows via HBO Go on Roku streaming devices.  270 more words

Look Here! Consumer Perception And HBO

Consumer Perception can be defined as a consumers subjective understanding of objective realities.  This is an interesting subject to cover when relating to a media brand because the media often works to construct its own realities in the shows and branding it constructs that the viewer can then become immersed in.   358 more words

Marketing And HBO

Roku And Comcast Finally Make Nice, Will Allow HBO Go And Showtime Apps

A personal anecdote, if you’ll allow… A few years back, I — ever a good son — bought my mother a Roku box for her TV (that I’d also bought her), only to find out that she, like millions of other Comcast subscribers, was not allowed to access the device’s HBO Go app because she’s a Comcast customer. 262 more words


HBO Go and Showtime are finally coming to Roku for Comcast subscribers

Comcast is one of the largest pay TV providers in America. And as subscribers know all too well, it’s also one of the slowest when it comes to adopting many of the value-added services that other pay TV subscribers get to enjoy. 190 more words