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Qello is quietly building a "Netflix for music films" -- and maybe building the future of digital video

So what will be the big buzzword of 2015? I’m placing my bets on “OTT.”

OTT stands for “Over-the-top” and it refers to video and audio streaming services that don’t directly involve a cable company. 880 more words


"Friendless Child" - BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season 5, Episode 7

“I told myself, ‘If he’s doing OK, it was worth it.’”

The war between Luciano and Nucky is yet another victim of BOARDWALK’s abbreviated final season, and the main thrust of this episode revolves around the mutual kidnapping of Bugsy (at the time, “Benny”) Siegel and Willie Thompson. 1,634 more words


Book #75: Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare

The first time I read Julius Caesar was during my sophomore year of high school, and I didn’t like it. However, after having watched HBO’s “Rome” earlier this year, my background knowledge of the whole Julius Caesar situation is much better, and I enjoyed the play much more the second time around. 18 more words


Comedian John Oliver explains net neutrality

I’ve previously discussed the importance of net neutrality on my blog, but some things are best explained by comedians. In a summer episode of “Last Week Tonight” on HBO, British-born comedian John Oliver tells the compelling tale of net neutrality.

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More signs that the TV business is set for a profound upheaval

“One of the most popular television shows in America this autumn is called ‘How to Get Away with Murder,’ about a law professor and her students, who become involved in a mysterious killing. 322 more words