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Injectable Meds: You Can Do It!

Starting injectable medicines felt like a big move. Oral meds was like, “Tee hee, we’re just being impatient and want a little extra help.” But when my RE said that my lining wasn’t going to thicken up on its own and we needed to move on, I felt pretty sorry for myself. 1,139 more words


Giant Negative Drama Queen

So. I am being a Giant Negative Drama Queen. I have to get up and go for my blood test at 7:30 AM and immediately be at work at 8:15. 719 more words


Breadcrumbs 2

This may become a recurring feature for days when I have a backlog of small thoughts and no big theme to pursue. I gotta admit, though, that I’m not even sure I have a collection of… 388 more words

Detox Journey

Voluptuous Vulnerability..? Yeah, right: The Bottom Line with Yo-Yo & Fad Diets and the Start of Another Viscous Half-Circle


I don’t know if this blog is going to work. Voicing internal ramblings is much easier in the privacy of my own thoughts. I’ll give it a try though. 1,310 more words


How Much Weight Will I Lose?

This of course varies with each individual. On average I have seen people losing .5 to 2 pounds per day. I have even seen some lose 3 pounds per day. 146 more words


Is the FDA Going To Ban HCG?

In 2011 the FDA sent letters to 7 HCG companies telling them to stop selling their products because of their outlandish claims.

Basically HCG does not make you lose weight. 143 more words


Can I Exercise On The HCG Diet?

As for Phase 2, I have seen different answers to this question. I do know that it isn’t necessary to exercise during the diet to lose weight.   137 more words