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HCT Diet

The HCG diet is what kick started my weight loss. A colleague of my mum had been raving on about it being a miracle cure so mum and I thought we would give it a go. 438 more words


Day 40 x 4

Today’s weight 141.5

This is my last Day 40 I promise. I’m so pleased that as of this morning all of the worrying about hitting the 20 lb mark is over. 94 more words


HCG Diet - Wellness Fitness Nutrition Store

A lot of questions about the use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) for weight loss have been coming into our pharmacy. This application for HCG reemerged in contemporary society several years ago in Kevin Trudeau’s 2007 book, ‘The… 887 more words


Day 40, Again

Todays weight 142.8

Wow impressed! My body has decided to follow the program. Lol. It’s Day 40 again because I’m not out of my weight loss drops. 107 more words


Day 40, Made it!

Todays weight 143.6

Getting down there for sure. This should technically be my last day for drops and I should be moving into Phase 3 tomorrow but I still have drops left and will repeat Day 40 tomorrow. 118 more words


Diet Menus For Weight Loss – Can HCG Diet Drops Help You Lose Weight?

Today, I would like to talk a little about diet menus for weight loss, particularly the HCG diet. As September comes to a close, many people are becoming aware of the weight they put on during the barbeques and events of the summer months. 109 more words

Day 38 & 39, Almost there!

Todays weight 144.7

Yesterday’s weight 145.5

Went up and back down again. This has been quite a mental challenge. 130’s are pretty much out of the question but oh well. 202 more words