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Day 2 - Happy Easter

Yes I would probably punch someone in the face for some Cadburry Eggs right now. But I won’t. 

I realized from re-reading my last post that I really came across as a victim. 1,257 more words


Approved foods

Protein choices: You get 100 grams of lean protein, weighed raw, per meal. You should have two servings per day, one on lunch and one on dinner. 234 more words

Grocery shopping the right way

Hopefully, if you’re doing the HCG diet, you already know the dos and don’ts of the grocery shopping. I went with my mom, who — as we’ve established — is a veteran HCG dieter. 266 more words

How to give yourself a sub-q injection

I was terrified of giving myself my own injection — especially since my doctor didn’t actually show me how. This is the best video I found. 9 more words

Buy hygetropin her spouse and children

May Resistance training Stop Ones Increase? No doubt you’ve read that oftentimes previous to by a variety of places. “Bodybuilding tricks ones increase! inches. That specially is true of young people in excess of another get older because doing so was in these a long time of which increase develops. 386 more words

Appointment Day

I had my appointment yesterday. Every place is going to be different. They weighed me. Gave me a breakdown of my BMI and everything. Talked about my goals. 195 more words