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Job Seekers - Job Seeking Tool #1: the Resume

It’s recently come to my attention that a lot of my job-seeking tools have become obsolete and need to be retired and/or updated. NOT that I’m actively looking, but you should always be prepared in case that great 0nce-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes along. 73 more words


The Importance Of Web Accessibility

As library and information professionals, we have a duty and responsibility to provide equitable service to all, which in my experience is usually indicative of a diverse community of various races, colors, and creeds. 587 more words


4 reasons Amazon’s Fire Phone was a flop

This post is in partnership with Time. The article below was originally published at Time.com.

By Victor Luckerson, TIME

Amazon’s ongoing expansion into more and more product categories has finally hit a big speed bump. 605 more words


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Amazon: let's try to do one thing or a limited run of goods really well.... I used to think Amazon was the epitome of eCommerce design - but it's all over the board. Can we fix that before we focus on things that have been done really well by others?

PhD Tales: First Conference Experience

Back to blogging. I have recently read a post on Medium about how smart people should not fall in the trap of mistaking “motion” with “action ”  (here is a… 1,627 more words

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BBC News: Are robots too cute for comfort?

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

Are robots too cute for comfort?

Big-eyed humanoid designs make robots more approachable, but should we beware of sharing too much personal information with them? 9 more words


Bad infinity

The idea of an endless universe is profoundly disorienting because infinite things are confusing. It seems fair to say that to understand the world around us we impose structure in the form of hierarchy, and navigational landmarks in time and space (Collins & Loftus, 1975). 582 more words

Design Research

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Portable Folding Clothes Machine

Team : Group 13 (chefhci)

Problem Statement :

Nowadays, a normal income of an employee to support a family is very hard, due to such situation both father and mother have a career and work to support the family expenses. 369 more words