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Something I hate about the fruitful life

is when I reach the bottom of the smoothie jar without even noticing it is all already gone…

‘ big sigh ‘

‘ aaawwwwwhhhh disappointment ‘ 18 more words


Something that the fruitful life helped me reach

is the ability to self love and celebrate my uniqueness !

I am an unlimited being with al its glorious and joyous and loving caring creative amazing happy uniqueness ! 17 more words


Stalking labels

To recreate yummy dressings in a vegan, low fat, allergy free way !


I have another addiction

and I can’t wait for the season to start ! I will sell all my belongings to get my hands on it if I have to ! ;-) ┬áJust kidding !


Just when you thought it could not get better

I am coming up with even more ideas to help you eat your damn holy greens ! 15 more words


Eat your greens

There are many fun and delicious ways to do so : 30 more words