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My story

Where to begin, where to begin.

My whole life I struggled with body-image issues. Always believing I was a cow even when I was a twig. 1,741 more words


The China Study - Proven (Again)

I make no apology for reposting this, in the wake of recent revelations… Having already rid my diet of meat and fish many years ago, I have turned from Vegetarian to Vegan in the past few weeks, hence adding dairy and any animal derived products to my list of ‘banned’ substances. 261 more words


What If? ... Now It's Mainstream News

Finally, the facts are being told. News of the connection between animal protein and an increased risk of cancer is all over the news and media channels tonight. 533 more words


Blood Apple Juice


I made this beautiful juice for my breakfast one morning last week.

It was so simple and so sweet and juicy.

There were just two simple ingredients; blood oranges and apples. 24 more words


Cheap as Chips

As a Northerner, there is nothing I enjoy more than some good old chips. However I do them my way. My way or the high way buddy ;) I have recently been eating a lot of high carb cooked food towards the latter part of my day and having gotten bored with corn pasta recently I have rediscovered my love of potatoes. 252 more words