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Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk Drive 160 GB IDE

Price : Tk. 0000

Condition : New


Does Flash make everything in VMware Better?

Bacon makes everything taste better – at least for a lot of folks. At VMworld we met up with Micron, the flash manufacturers who are calling themselves “VMware’s bacon”. 540 more words


Desktop PC Storage

Seagate started shipping their new 8Tb hard drives on 26 August 2014, so with that exciting news I decided to look at what is available in terms of desktop PC storage. 207 more words


OCZ’s Enterprise SATA SSDs deliver consistently better performance

Flash is replacing hard disk drives (HDDs) in more and more environments, and not just as boot drives for PCs and laptops. Enterprises are turning to a new class of high performance SATA-based drive form-factor SSDs to accelerate databases, push high-transaction processing applications and improve virtual server performance. 435 more words


SSD vs HDD - Which Is The Better Storage Drive?

Ever since SSD or Solid State Drives made its presence felt in the market, there has aroused a debate which is the better storage drive – The SSD or the HDD. 715 more words


SSDs cannot overshadow Hard disk drives atleast for next 20 years

Solid-State Drive makers will be annoyed to read this news. But despite the rapid adoption of SSDs, Hard disk drives will continue to lead the overall storage market atleast for next 20 years and this was predicted by IDC on a recent note. 211 more words


Computer Hardware - Solid State Drives

You have a hard drive in your computer right now. Mostly you don’t think about it. It sits in your laptop or desktop and it does its job without complaint. 834 more words