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Diving Underwater

I’ve seen many underwater images online, and never really felt the desire to make any of my own. But I started experimenting with Bryce and making HDRI images. 517 more words

3d Art

Some Tips for Rhino Vray Product Rendering

Dear Class,

Please take the time to watch¬†these 2¬†videos I’ve posted up which will help you achieve a much better rendering result using Vray for Rhino

Rhino 3D

The Final Final Watch

The following image is the final render of my watch model. I have used mental ray render and materials to get the look i wanted and then used lights and illuminated materials in the environment to get the realistic look.

Year 3

WIP Watch Advert

The following video is of the watch advert i have created so far. It focusses on showing off the watch from different angles before showing the watch as a whole.

Year 3

Re doing my R8

Going back to a model I made in second year and trying to touch it up so that I can use it in my portfolio!

Close Up Renders

The following images are close up render tests. I had to adjust the lighting and use a different hdri map to get the materials look the way i wanted. 28 more words

Year 3