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Wednesday 19th November - Roof Tops

Helloo, happy Wednesday! Here is my Photo-A-Day for today…I needed my step ladder for this one.


Saturday 15th November - Glass Statue

Helooooo, hope you’re all having a splendid day. Here is my 15th of November edition, these last few days the skies a haven’t been offering much to me in the way of exciting clouds so I’ve been having an explore around my house for some glass ornaments to work with. Hope you like!



Exposure bracketing. HDR by Nik HDR Efex 2.0


Monday 10th November - Deer and Tree

Bumped into the deer today again on my morning walk …really wanting to get a telephoto onto them for some lovely close ups!

This HDRI isn’t as aggressively tone mapped as some of my previous images, I thought there was more then enough going on already with out some more zany colours.


Sunday 9th November - Log

So sorry this one is a bit late, turns out I posted it up on Facebook and then completely forgot about my blog…sorry WordPress!

Here is Sunday’s image of a HDR log with fungus and moss and all sorts of outside growing things.