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Burning with wrath
He thought of pulling knife on her

But you see
With a tinch of redness and droplets of moisture
She used biggest weapon : Her Eyes… 10 more words



The two had plans for dinner on a surprisingly beautiful Wednesday in the Fall. This was their first official date, as he had worked up the strength to ask her a few nights before. 470 more words

He And She


Come to think of it, she hated that feeling of “butterflies” in her stomach. But she couldn’t help but realize they were multiplying with each passing day. 302 more words

He And She


She expected him to forget her and find someone else who better deserved his time. In fairness, that was all she ever knew. But when her phone buzzed with a message from him, she almost kissed the screen. 417 more words

He And She


“I love you.”

My phone couldn’t believe its face. The glow of the screen was hazy but the bold letters were undeniable. I wasn’t making this up; it wasn’t a glitch in the system. 623 more words



“I don’t know what to do with you,” she said.

It took him a moment to answer but when he did, she could feel the weight of the words he offered next, as if he was asking permission to dock his heart next to hers at the same time fearing being thrown back out to the sea, rudderless, rejected and alone. 94 more words


The next day

She was, of course, in his dreams that night.

He woke up reluctantly, bitter that he could no longer spend time with her. Putting on his glasses, he reached for his nightstand and checked his phone with a small glimmer of hope. 361 more words

He And She