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Review: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #19

It is almost by accident that I find myself reading this series on a monthly basis.  I was mostly drawn in the previous month by the conclusion of the story which introduced… 350 more words


Casual Comics Guy Hot Picks of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition! (November 26, 2014)

Happy Turkey Day, everyone. Hope you’ll all be with family and friends this week, enjoying a wonderful holiday meal. If you can throw some comics into the mix, that’s even better. 1,088 more words


Do fans know best?

I’ve recently finished writing my Master’s thesis (of the Universe) on the commercialization of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fans’ aesthetic experience. By collecting MOTU Classics figures I, along many other fans, help to preserve precious memories of a childhood hero. 499 more words


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Castle Grayskull

Such a cheese filled and badly acted commercial but hey, we all wanted one!

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Cult Kids TV


Even though I was born in the 90’s, as a child the 80’s was the main source of much of my entertainment. While most kids were watching Dexter’s Laboratory, I was watching Dungeons & Dragons, and while they read Power Rangers annuals, I had Thundercats. 719 more words


More Like "Masters of the Burn-iverse"

We already knew the basics about He-Man: totally buff, mostly naked, possessor of certain fabulous secret powers. But did we realize that he’s just as cutting with a well-timed bon mot as he is with a two-headed battle axe? 10 more words