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Repackaging a king-sized memory foam mattress!

I just want to state from the start–repackaging a memory foam mattress is not for the faint of heart! Which is why I went to work and left John to do it. 163 more words


Prince Adam's 'What's Going On?' Returns In Glorious Live-Action

As you can tell from his tendency to run around in fetish gear, Prince Adam is an extrovert supreme. And that appears to extend to making live-action videos of himself with cosplayers. 135 more words


Wednesday Comics by My-larr: Masters of the Universe- The Origin of Hordak #1

Title: Masters of the Universe- The Origin of Hordak #1

Publisher: DC Comics

Cost: $2.99

Storytellers: Keith Giffen and Brian Keene (writers), Keith Giffen (pencils), Scott Koblish (inks) and Hi-Fi (colors, because they’re awesome) 289 more words


The Forgotten (But Coolest) 80's Toy-Line? Tyco's Dino Riders!

By Travis “T-Rav” Giles

I’m a huge toy nerd. I may enjoy comics and video games and other forms of nerdery, but my one favorite piece of the nerd world are the toys. 398 more words

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Hand-painted resurgence

Just finished re-working some old favorites. The superhero earrings are located on the quevajewelry etsy shop and the others are on the zacharypryor page.