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up early today/

no, way earlier than that/

you don’t want to know

Tomorrow, imorgon, huomena ...

There’s only one thing in my mind right now – the Snickers I hid away in the cupboard when I got home tonight (I was ever so subtle… 106 more words


Day 219 - Vitamin C

This cold has really knocked me down today! I’ve been hydrating, medicating and sleeping, so hopefully it will go away soon. Orange soda has vitamin C in it, right?


We're All a Little Bit Sick

August 20, 2014

Unfortunately, my title is not meant to be a joke, we are all actually a little bit sick. As most of you read before I am teaching toddlers, my yo-yo class, and at first I was really apprehensive about teaching them. 383 more words

Homemade Vicks With Coconut Oil

Okay so I don’t have a cold right now so there isn’t an immediate reason I am posted this DIY other than the fact that I want to share it with you! 290 more words


Head Colds and Learning to Rest.

Stuffy nose.

Foggy brain.

Heavy head.

Yep.  I’m battling that good ol’ fashioned head cold.  I’m a little worried of all the things I’m probably forgetting, with my head being somewhere up in the clouds.   168 more words

Nick's Challenge Day 3!

August 8, 2014

Day 3! Super easy to wake up this morning, had my delicious watermelon Spark and Cataylst, and was ready to get my day going.   428 more words