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The Daggum Head-cold, and My Theory

I’ve had this annoying cold the past few days. It started with a scratchy throat and sneezing, which lead to a stuffy head, swollen throat, and runny nose. 628 more words


Head Cold Haikus


It has been a very long time since I attempted to write a Haiku, but here are three that came to me in that wakeful time before sleep and dreams care to descend whilst struggling to shake off my summer cold. 50 more words

When Writing is like a Cozy Sweatshirt (and when it's not)

Today has been a bit of a frustrating day.

As I’m still getting over a cold, and I don’t work on the weekends, I decided to allow myself to sleep in by not setting an alarm (something I generally disapprove of). 609 more words


Head Cold

I’ve been sitting sedentary the past few days with a head cold. It’s been one of those weeks where, other than working, I’ve been either sleeping or coughing. 369 more words



Here I sit, sick with a dreadful head cold. I haven’t been sick since December. Ugh. I know that no one likes to be sick. I despise being sick. 659 more words


Vaping 1 Month 2 Weeks Later ... Possible Problems

I really don’t feel like blogging right now, but I think I probably should. 

Well, it’s been over 6 weeks as a vapor. Technically, I feel great. 600 more words