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A lot of people talk about drugs, but I’d like to take a minute and really talk about the hardest of the hard drugs.  It may make you uncomfortable, but I think it’s about time someone addressed it.  844 more words


Day 335 - I'm On Fire

In celebration of reaching 100 followers today, I dragged my sick self out of bed, pulled out my good camera and got all artsy fartsy on ya! 7 more words


Day 334 - Even Smiling Makes My Face Ache

I’ve reached the grumpy and irritable stage of the cold. Next is moping, then acceptance, then I feel better.


Day 332 - Going Down Fighting!

The cold I was starting to feel yesterday seems to want to stay. This has been my day, Snuggie, puppy cuddles, orange juice and crazy lady hair.


What Cancer Leaves Behind...#MondayBlogs

This past week I’ve had a strange reminder of how life has changed.

You see, I caught a cold: a garden-variety, run-of-the-mill head cold. I was miserable, sneezing, achy, whiny, and tired. 276 more words


Day 296: 365 Grateful, on the mend

Feeling better after my creepy, crappy crud head-cold this weekend…for the most part. Though, Mike may be in for the next round 😝.

365 Grateful

The Mommy Cold

“My head feels as big as my butt is.” What an awful sentence. Unfortunately it pretty much perfectly describes my current state.  My butt is bigger than I’d like it to be two kids later (oh let’s face it, it was bigger than I would have liked even before the kids). 345 more words