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I Have a Cold & Quinoa with Sweet Potato & Spinach

As I sit down at the keyboard, all I want to do is lie down or, at the very least, curl up on the sofa with a blanket. 1,004 more words


Sick when you're Single

Most of the time I like living alone. The only exceptions are during major holidays or when I’m sick. Right now I’ve got the head cold from hell and disgusting substances seem to be flowing from every orifice. 128 more words



Muddled Mind too Bogged Down for Coherent Thought. Randomness Invades and Non Sequitur Replace. Time for a Crooked Walk With A Colorful Cane.

Gym Etiquette and Flu Season

Since getting into fitness in January 2013, I’ve been a real stickler for “gym etiquette”.  This blog post details my views on this and what you need to do given it’s flu season!


Working Out With a Cold: A Do or a Don't?

I currently have an upper respiratory infection.  Hooray.  The sinus pressure is killing my head, my nostrils are alternating between which one gets to be stuffed and which one gets to be runny, my nodes in my neck are sore, and I have that wonderful dry, itchy spot where my sinuses meet my throat.  535 more words


cough syrup

On my nightstand rests an array of sick – person – paraphernalia:  water, hand sanitizer, that dish that held my lunch, other medicine and my Sherlock Holmes book that has been providing quality entertainment as moving from my fortress of a bed seems highly illogical. 493 more words

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