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How to avoid lice while on vacation

If you are traveling outside of the United States during vacation be aware that head lice are more prevalent and are a stronger strain. It is a good idea to travel with a lice repellent. 67 more words

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Treated for lice, and still have lice?

Besides treating the child diagnosed with head lice, it is important to check everyone in the household. One family thought they were lice free, but actually it was the housekeeper who was bringing it back to the family.

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Lice Mature Rapidly

It’s very easy to miss some lice eggs when combing because they are so small when first hatched. That is why people think they got rid of lice but then find they still have it. 16 more words

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A more resistant strain of head lice

If you, or a member of the family is traveling, be aware that there is a stronger strain of head lice out of the country. They don’t deal with head lice out of the country like we do here in the United States. 14 more words

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NHS set to offer tape worms to fatties instead of gastric bands

Instead of spending thousands of pounds on expensive surgery, the NHS is understood to be planning to provide obese patients with their own pet tape worm. 254 more words

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Head Lice in Children

That awful note arrives home with your child from school….head lice!!! Immediately that feeling of dread travels through your body. You want to act straight away but what do you do? 492 more words

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