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12 hours...

So today started with my alarm going off at 5:50 am and me DESPERATE to return to the best “sexy” dream I’ve even had.

Fast forward 12 hours to me putting 2 kids in the car and going out to get stuff to treat head lice. 340 more words

Bila head lice @ kutu menyerang

Salam uallz. Huhu rumah baru tak abis lagi decorate. Still under maintenance gitu.

Baru ni anak mama kena kutu, masalah besar jenuh selongkar, datang balik. Yer la dah hari hari pi sekolah, macam macam ubat kutu mama cari. 19 more words

Basic H

Being Obsessive has its Perks. Like when Dealing with Head Lice.

As a former teacher, I was instructed to look for certain issues. Some examples: Kids who squint, meaning they might need glasses, kids who frequently mix up letters like p and d and b and q, who might be dyslexic, and for kids who scratch their heads a lot, meaning they might have head lice. 1,822 more words

Nitty Gritty Head Lice defence spary

Fucking shit.

Is my product review, expensive and shoddy bottle, it maybe “Made by Mums”, but it’s priced by accountants.

The push top spray part is fragile, doesn’t work properly, if the bottle said, expensive ingredients so we’ve kept the price down with a cheap far east bottle, I wouldn’t be so pissed of. 30 more words

Getting Organised

Healthy Hair for Kids

Hair health is often forgotten about by parents until it falters.  Like teeth, good hair-health habits practised early can actually have benefits later in life.  With around 65% of all adults suffering hair loss at some point in their future, good practice set in place now can help minimise the extent of hair damage and hair loss as children grow older. 293 more words


How to kill head lice naturally?

The moment you see your child scratching her head you panic, don’t you? After all, it is every mother’s worst nightmare come true. If your child’s head is infested with lice, then it’s a long battle to kill the lice and get rid of the nits (lice eggs). 805 more words

Problems And The Child