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Lice Screenings at School

The school year has begun, and we here at Licebeaters have been busy at the schools doing our back to school lice screenings. We have seen so many cute little boys and girls come across our chairs this past week and just like every year we are finding students that have head lice. 182 more words

Head Lice

Information about lice

Lice that have been off the head more then 10 hours are not considered viable because they can’t reproduce.

Childrens Health

Lice Treatment - What works?

I wish I would have paid more attention in science classes back in my school days. It’s amazing the ways we are learning to kill lice without having to use the dangerous pesticide based lice shampoo’s of yesteryear. 60 more words


Cheat Sheet: Back to School Edition

Summer is over and school has begun. You’ve gone through your checklist and the kids are ready to go into a new exciting year. They will come home with new books, forms and of course some homework, but is that all that they will come home with? 334 more words

Head Lice

Welcome to our Blog!

Hi everyone! Now before we even start let’s just put it out there that we know the subject of head lice is one that no one wants to think of.   268 more words

Head Lice

Why God Gave Us Head Lice

Not that long ago, we dealt with a case of head lice.  Where did they come from?  We don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter.  The point is, we had head lice and they needed to be removed from our heads. 1,228 more words

Life's Lessons

Giving back to the community

We wanted to create an environment where people would want to come to work.  Our staff loves to help people. They calm parents down and are eager to get them… 34 more words

Head Lice