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Beware of Soccer!

Sorry I didn’t post on monday like I said. I know im a liar. I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me, also please forgive me for the bad grammar/spelling thats worse then missing monday, but seriously heres a fun video for all you soccer and non-soccer players out there. Enjoy

Mentor Session + Fall Portraits | Melanie

This is Melanie.

Melanie is my new favorite person!! I knew within 5 minutes I just wanted steal her and have her with me 24/7! That might sound weird, unless you’ve met her, in which case you know how cute she is and probably have your own kidnapping plans. 173 more words


Portrait Session

This past weekend I did a portrait session for a good friend/coworker. She has some really exciting projects in the works, and needed some new photos. 9 more words