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“Hey, don’t I know you, Soldier?” Yes, you may have already met Ray as a pastel sketch. I had three more hours with him to work on this full-color version yesterday: it still wasn’t enough. 18 more words


Brain is struggling to keep up today, have been feeling very foggy all week. Definitely think it has a lot to do with this crazy warm weather we have been having when it should be snowing, thank you nor’west arch for your dry presence. 183 more words


Blah, so I have been out the past two days. Strep throat. Never had it before and I never want it again.

Haven’t had any sexual contact since Saturday and it is killing me. 532 more words

Head and Heart

Today I was reading an article in my study bible on the topic of “Biblical Doctrine.” Now, already I may have lost some people and I may have caught some people’s attention as if a famous person just walked into this coffee shop that I’m currently sitting in. 600 more words


Motivation 5: Keep your head in the game

Good Morning pretties, and yes I am talking to you sitting there hovering over a bran muffin or at Starbucks or on the porcelain throne while scrolling through your dash. 381 more words


The Heart and the Head

His fork parts the chocolate and peanut butter creme with a soft swish and crumble at the bottom where the crust sits, begging to be bitten into.  1,398 more words