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I'm sick.

((Not only am I sick with the disease below, I have a migraine. Great. But anyways, enjoy me explaining to you about the disease I suffer. 156 more words


Last Minute Dash.

All is gone
The space is bare
Wrote so much
But nothing is there
Much creativity
So little time
To force out a poem… 29 more words


The 12th & 13th; Oh God my head is throbbing I'm going to bed.

The 12th of April.

The worst thing about being on HRT is that every three months I am forced to have a period and be reminded that I will never have  a child, my body is falling to bits, I have a migraine, my death is imminent, and Britain’s Got Talent is on which just reminds me of Richard. 215 more words

After I'd been looking forward to Monday...

Monday was back to the gym day. I couldn’t wait to get here… and throughout the day I’d began to question whether or not I’d make it because I had to move offices and my back was a bit achy. 210 more words


the feeling you get when you realize you have feelings

Last week I made an appointment with my doctor to discuss new options for my chronic headaches. I was getting up to 2-3 headaches a week and 2-3 migraines a month. 697 more words