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1-25-15 tomorrow

Tomorrow is a new day. Somehow I don’t think that it will be any different than today. Same worries, same pain. Still I will try to sleep tonight and see what tomorrow brings. What will your tomorrow bring?

Treating the Sequelae of Postoperative Meningioma and Traumatic Brain Injury: A Case of Implementation of Craniosacral Therapy in Integrative Inpatient Care

A 2015 case study showing the use of craniosacral therapy to help a 50 year old female with refractory headaches, vertigo, and cervicobrachial syndrome following and traumatic brain injury. 75 more words


I Quit Sugar - The Detox Period

When you quit sugar what do you do with all the sugar in your cabinets? If you’re thinking giving of it away to those in need, I have a better idea. 429 more words


1-25-15 pity party for one

Most of the night was spent having a pity party of one. I realize that you only really pay attention to me when you are looking for something from me. 122 more words

Scattered Saturday

I rarely post this late in the day on a Saturday, but these things happen. I shall go on to do what I often do on a Saturday. 569 more words


Of an evening in December '14

Exactly what were his thoughts he did not know. It was an evening, already getting dark out. He was hungry with little idea about what he would have for dinner. 500 more words

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