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Hermosa Beach, CA Chiropractor, Dr. Frank E. Kaden, Helps Find The Underlying Cause Of Headaches

Kaden Chiropractic (http://www.kadenchiropractic.com) and Dr. Kaden, DC bring his knowledge and experience to the process of understanding and relieving headache pain. Once the cause of the pain is understood, solutions can be implemented with a likelihood of success. 385 more words

Hermosa Beach Chiropractor

Headache Types - Fever and Sinus Headache

Like Most people, I have always had a headache when I have had a cold or the flu. Fevers can cause headaches or just sinus pressure alone can cause pain behind my eyes, across my eyebrows, and along the cheekbones. 76 more words


October 20, 2014 Am I Invisible

It’s Invisible Awareness Week time to educate and make folks aware of all those invisible illnesses we try so hard to hide. I deal with constant pain in my head. 111 more words

Headaches: the role of posture and what you can do about it


Headaches are common. In fact head pain has been reported as the fifth leading cause of emergency department visits in the US. Now of course “head pain” is as non-specific as it comes and we’re most likely talking about everything from migraines and tension headaches to life threatening pathology but none the less, headaches are common.  776 more words

Dr. Phillip Gamble

Headache Types - Which One Are You Having?

I have been diagnosed with “Complicated Migraine”, probably because my symptoms suggest that I deal with different types of headache and migraine and it gets complicated. 64 more words


October 19th - Tired of...

… Driving.
For the first time, tonight I had zero desire to drive an hour and fifteen minutes home from Matt’s. It is probably thanks so the headache that started brewing shortly before I left. 18 more words

Weekend Gifts and Aches

I’ve had a fierce headache all weekend.

And how fast did the weekend have to go?  For crying out loud, I didn’t even get to sleep in all weekend because I woke up every day feeling like I had a hellacious hangover.   361 more words