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The agony of living with migraines

I got my first migraine when I was 12 years old. Two things stand out from that day: my mother’s visible shock when she saw how ill I was and how quickly she drove to CHEO when I quietly asked why my hands were going numb. 699 more words

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熱さまシート (Netsusamashiito)

I’m sick.

The kind with coughing and sneezing and bad bad headaches.

I’m a poor little bunny (as my mother would say) but because my husband is still in Japan there’s nobody around to pamper me so there’s no point in moping around. 479 more words

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Pregnancy Journal - 23 Weeks

Usually, I share other mother’s pregnancy and birth experiences but this time I’m sharing MINE!  I’m taking a short break from doula work while I’m pregnant with my second baby boy.   203 more words


Childhood Abuse Affects Genes and Health into Adulthood

Childhood abuse and trauma produce hormonal & gene changes that affect children into adulthood. The linked article is a wonderfully clear explanation about some current research being conducted on stress hormones.  74 more words

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Pop Quizzes

I had no reason to be worried about the not-so pop quiz scheduled for my 1 o’clock class, I still had this nagging worrying feeling. I read over the material again at 9:30, a half hour before my first class of the day and well over 4 hours until the pop quiz itself. 789 more words


The Demon Inside

Okay, I’ve got a confession.  Tumbleweed and I love watching “Supernatural.”  And if you don’t know what that is… you should.  It’s a really dark series about two brothers who hunt, well, demons and any other unsavory creatures.  449 more words


Hydrotherapy - Warming Socks

Warming socks are an amazing at home hydrotherapy treatment that are great for decreasing congestion in the head, neck, and face and also work wonders for headaches and migraines. 53 more words