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Essential Oils for Anxiety and Depression

I am a big fan of essential oils. The obvious reason being that they smell AMAZING. Seriously. The second reason being that I feel they have been helpful for my depression, anxiety, and headaches. 423 more words


Stillwater Chiropractic Video: Auto Accidents, Condition of the Week & C2, Vertebrae of the Week

With the slippery morning that we had I thought it would be good to send this out! Drive carefully and if you need anything from us let us know!

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Calm mind, calm spirit

Today’s world is complete sensory overload.  Problem is, we’re so used to it, we barely notice it anymore.  Think about your typical day: you wake up to a blaring alarm clock which jars you out of whatever stage of sleep you might be in.  803 more words


Quote of the Day From Your Chiropractic Office


Live life to the fullest, but more importantly live a fulfilling life! Below is a quote we stumbled upon today as an office and wanted to share.  217 more words

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Weird Scenes Inside The Hall of Superheroes or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Spring Break

Is everybody in? Is everybody in?
Is everybody in?
The ceremony is about to begin

Grown men in tights.

That kind of thing would normally make me uncomfortable.

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Ugh! Migraines migraines migraines

Obviously I have always known that this time (the menopause) was coming and I have always been determined to be positive about this next phase in my life. 225 more words