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Making a laurel headdress

It’s that time of year when school nativity plays abound. And I’ve been requested to provide costumes for both Son1 as a census official and Son2 as an innkeeper. 138 more words


It was not until I took a course on race and racism as opposed to just judging celebrities for their crazy stunts in the media did I notice the bad representation of cultures by ignorance of celebrities’ actions. 731 more words

headdress for solstice feast

That’s right, I’m taking photos of the headgear I created for the annual solstice feast later this month.  Why? Because I burned my fingers multiple times on hot glue from the glue gun. 92 more words

Personal And None Of Your Business

Is This Okay... Or Nah?

Cultural Appropriation is defined as the adoption of elements of one culture by members of a different cultural group, specifically the use by cultural outsiders of a minority, oppressed culture’s symbols or other cultural elements. 314 more words


120 days

There are 120 days until the thesis show. !!!.

I am focused on what I will get done before the end the calendar year.

I have refined my concept further since my last critique. 143 more words


Princess of Leaves

Feeling like I have lived an eternity

Still I am so far away

From being old

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