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Mermaid Crown

Hello and here’s to my first tutorial on my new shiny blog!  I’ve been using another popular platform for blogging but I didn’t find it too user friendly so thought I’d have a bit of a change, now all I’ve got to do is work out how to transfer everything from that one to this.   1,167 more words


3 BOHO Accessories You Need Right Now!

BOHO is a timeless look. It connects you with your natural beauty and yet, in its simplicity, it oozes elegance. At http://www.ellie-rose.com our products exude that BOHO Chic appeal, and here are the top 3 products we think you should get your hands on now! 221 more words


Photo of the Day 291

Aztec headdress from one of the dancers at the Zocalo – Mexico City.

Photo Of The Day 2014

Inktober #8 - Codex Mendoza

I was looking at a book of the Codex Mendoza and drew these.


Halloween Hellraiser

Saturday, Oct 18th is the start of the Halloween Hellraiser for Mental Health America, a charity that helps people suffering with mental illness in the community. 71 more words

Aliza Karu

Inktober 13th: Gold, tan, peach and grey


For the 13th I chose not to spend much time again. But i do like not feeling compelled to do something that looks right. 47 more words