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Lived Virtue: Envy, the Enemy of Friendship

On April 23, the John Templeton Foundation will continue its Lived Virtue series with a discussion on envy and its relationship to friendship.

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Another Header!

Here is a header that I designed for my father for his website also using Photoshop, and having some useful skills. Note: the knight may seems out of picture, but cropping had to be used to remove the bottom of the header

{Request} Headers for xilvercloud

request 2 header yaa^^

Header 1 :
Blog Name/Nama Blog(*) : X I L V E R C O U L D
URL Blog(*): http://xilvercould.wordpress.com/

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Christ is Risen!

‘ “I will stand on my watch,” says the wondrous Habakkuk; and I also will stand with him today, by the authority and vision given me by the spirit, and I will look steadily and observe what will be seen and what will be spoken to me.

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[Request Header] pramudiaah

Halo udah jadi ya, semoga suka^^

Maaf bangeeeet untuk pertama kalinya aku ga nyedian redo huhu mian T_T

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