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Speaking of Daily Prompt though, why isn’t the header loading correctly for any of it’s pages?


Anatomy of Mobbing: Testigos mudos.

Recojo en esta entrada una serie de comentarios interesantes de expertos acerca del proceso de mobbing.

En la primera entrada me parece interesante la introducción del termino victimario, ya que describe perfectamente ese proceso por el cual el agresor se erige en victima. 885 more words



Okay, I’m having too much fun with the header. Any thoughts? I’ve got number 5 on right now…but I have no real idea.

Here are the choices… 32 more words


Grab some cute freebies!

It’s time to give credit and to show you some really lovely sites where you can find nice freebies.

✿ Hopeful honey   {cute social media icons & a ‘how to add them to your blog’ & DIY projects} 35 more words


Ferrari F430 Exhaust Manifold Change

The Ferrari F430 has a major flaw with the exhaust manifold design.  The manifolds (or headers) are susceptible to failure by cracking at the welds.  Since they are covered with insulation and a heat shield, it is not that easy to detect – if a failure is not detected and rectified early enough then severe engine damage can occur. 1,526 more words

Aldous Voice

REST headers in FHIR

One thing that came up today during some development that we are doing here concerns the use of HTTP headers when a client is making REST calls on a FHIR server. 246 more words