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Chrome and Firefox Ajax Handling of Content-Type: application/javascript

I spent the majority of last night working on a YUI 3 datatable widget for a messaging app.  While that is a discussion for another day Рwhat I do what to discuss is the subtle difference between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in regards to handling Content-Type: application/javascript. 216 more words


The Art of Blogging

It’s a form of writing that started out as a simple way to get your thoughts out there, and quickly became a form of writing that many people enjoy (and sometimes do for a living!). 229 more words

Creative Writing

Digital Communications: Lets Reflect

The Digital Age

In the digital age there is no reason to be left behind. Some complain that technology moves and changes at a rapid pace, making it hard to keep up the pace. 674 more words

Reading Reflections

The Absolute Minimum Everyone Working With Data Absolutely, Positively Must Know About File Types, Encoding, Delimiters and Data types (No Excuses!)

Do you ever work with data?
Do you ever work with datasets that have multiple rows and columns?
Did you ever encounter one of the following issues? 3,409 more words

CSS Lesson 3: Adding a Header

Hi Everyone!

In our last CSS lesson we learnt how to add background colors and containers. Today we will be learning how to make a header. 128 more words


Apache CXF - WS addressing how to set From, ReplyTo, Headers

I have a question: we are trying to implement WS-Addressing with Apache CXF. I am able to set some headers like To, or Action, but I don’t find the way to set others like From, ReplyTo, or FaultTo. 19 more words

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Bauhaus text style

For our project we have to design a font style for the cafe we will make! As I am still yet to come up with a name for my cafe I’m trying different styles on the word Bauhaus and seeing how they go! 292 more words