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Happy Hat Day!

We hope everyone had a Happy New Years!  We have been dormant for some time now as we were busy expanding our family.  With the new year upon us, we are happy to start out the year with new goals and of course, shed light on some of the cool things happening in the hat game!   69 more words

MSN - Namibia

This image depicting a woman, belonging to Herero tribe in Namibia, has been published on Microsoft Web Portal


Chhau is a blend of dance and martial arts, performed by male dancers. I really love chhau masks and seldom give up an opportunity to watch and photograph it. 79 more words


Introductory Introductions

Greetings all, and welcome to “The Buzzards’ Blog!” The members of the “Buzzards’ Mess” reenactment group have started this blog in order to share some of our favorite stories and details from the American Civil War era. 337 more words

American Civil War

New Years!

Happy ( late) New Years! Incredibeads has one final crocheted item to finish of the creations of 2014! We created a purple hat that is super soft to the touch and rests comfortably on the head.It is made with a stitch new to incredibeads called “front and back post stitch”. 29 more words


PomPom Hat!

Another of our new crocheted items include a cute crocheted hat!. It is red with a cute black rim and black pompom. It will keep you warm in the cold winter air while giving a cute flair to your outfit. 44 more words


Crocheted Headbands

Over the last few weeks, Incredibeads has made a variety of new crocheted items. We designed a fashionable yet warm headband with a new crochet stitch called the “puff” stitch. 45 more words