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The Hangover Part IV

Louis Pasteur, whose discoveries have saved countless lives, once said “fortune favours the prepared mind” and this is an apt description of how I feel right now. 1,105 more words

Brain Surgery

All About Teeth

12 year molars….Really …Really? Have they been growing all along? Really for 12 years… specifically for 12 years? And they just pop out right at that 12th year. 135 more words

Is the LaserScope state of the art early 1990s video gaming technology, or complex orthodontia in disguise?

Just as today’s unmedicated schizophrenics can mask their affliction by pretending the voices they’re arguing with are actually on the other end of a Bluetooth connection, teens of yesteryear could disguise their orthodontic headgear by calling it a LaserScope.




I can’t find my glasses!  I had them this morning.  Brownish frames.  Help please.


Things That Seem To Get Lost Over And Over Again

ibiza hats

just chill in, fake legs and mexican headgear