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Amy Cutler // Narrative, Imaginative Hair and Festive Headgear

Amy Cutler

Hair Mill | 2007 |

graphite on paper

Amy Cutler

Dinner Party | 2006 |

oil on canvas

Amy Cutler

Provisions | 2008

watercolor on paper

How to wear an Alice band?

Alice band or headband?

Alice band or headband? What’s the right term? Both. It was only coined as Alice band after the character “Alice in Wonderland’s” sequel “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.”  Anyhow, I found it hard to manage my hair after I had a haircut and changed it to it’s original dark chocolate or almost black color.   265 more words

Rosaly's Looks

Ravenna's crown finished!

Covering the crown with silver leaf metal took a looooong time! I used some metallic paint on spots that I missed because applying the leaf metal was really tedious! 140 more words

Movie Costumes


Disclaimer one: I do NOT own anything related to the Ninja turtles, nor do I plan to profit from things I do not own. This is Fan art. 143 more words


Semi-concussed skater professes his love of helmets

This dude really loves his bucket.  Pretty gnarly crash even with the head protection and I suspect he was seeing stars but without it, the results could have been far far worse.   38 more words


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