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Headless UI Testing with TestFX and JavaFX 8

JavaFX is a great UI toolkit. TestFX is a great library for testing the user interfaces written in JavaFX. Writing graphical tests with TestFX is simple and fast, but one challenge remains when you build your software using a headless build machine: how can you perform your UI tests in headless mode during your build? 233 more words

Headless Quest

Here’s another filler concept, but it’ll be more consuming than “Tank”.


It’s called Headless Quest and you take the role of a man who has been cursed by an evil sorcerer – who has stolen his body. 52 more words

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Headless Buddha.

Photo taken of headless Buddha in Angkor Wat Complex, Angkor, Cambodia

Many of the Buddhas within the Angkor Wat Complex are headless because they were broken off and stolen by artefact thieves and sold on the black market.


'er indoors shoots 'er on the roof

from my washing line
a headless heron
just now
Diary Gill McG 6.00am making coffee


Inside the Bathing Suit

Here’s the latest Believe It or Not: I found a bunch of bathing suits that come with the ladies already in them! And OK yes they’re made of see-through plastic and are missing their insides and their arms and their whole back half but still they have the important stuff, meaning,  ahem, breasts, that fill out the suit very nicely. 272 more words


Headless Pi Mess: Installing Raspbian

Journey to the Clouds series.
1. Install Raspbian on a headless Raspberry Pi.

In this post we will install Raspbian, a Debian based distro, in the Raspberry PI. 1,117 more words