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NAD VISO HP50 - Review

It’s just awesome when you find some friend to share your hobbies with, especially when you’re not having an usual hobby like us, the audiophiles. Well, I managed to gather a few quality friend with this hobby. 2,114 more words


Kristen Stewart Makes Her Acting Debut In "Just One Of The Guys"

By now you have probably seen the new video for Jenny Lewis’s latest single “Just One of the Guys” from her forthcoming album “The Voyager.”  It stars Jenny Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson and Kristen Stewart alternating between white suits with pretty/punk-rock hair and makeup and full Adidas jumpsuits with flat brims and mustaches.   99 more words


Focal Spirit One S - Review

As you may know, I think that both Focal Spirit Classic & Professional are one of the best closed headphones in that price range, and I do own a pair of Classics myself. 1,692 more words


Newport 2014: Cavalli Audio, all glass and gold

Sometimes, you just hit the nail so squarely, you can just feel it disappear cleanly into the wood. It’s a satisfying feeling, isn’t it? Whack! 380 more words


Now Playing: Ryn Weaver - OctoHate

In the past 24 hours, something magical has happened.  A summer track has emerged seemingly out of nowhere.  Ryn Weaver’s new track OctoHate has taken the internet by storm, and with good reason.   93 more words


Planar Magnetic Comparison - HE-500 vs LCD-2

Most headphones on the market use a “traditional” driver technology referred to as dynamic drivers. These are much the same as the speakers you see in your stereo system or car with a cone of some sort driven by a coil of wire inside a magnet structure. 3,524 more words


Mr. Kanemori Takai, head of Japan’s Final Audio Design, passed away two weeks ago on June 5th. FAD themselves announced the news via press release, leaving many audio lovers at a loss.

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