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Thoughts On AKG Q701s Bass Effect

Well, firstly my impression of these headphones was that the Q701s are capable of producing bass… However, when I first got them the bass was somewhat lacking. 657 more words


10 Questions for Katy Perry Regarding "This Is How We Do"

Dear Katy Perry,

Today a friend instructed me to listen to your  new single “This Is How We Do.”  Seeing as this friend and I almost always see eye to eye on all things pop, I happily obliged.   229 more words


AKG Q701 Review

Firstly the good stuff: I just wanted to state just how impressed I am with the AKG Q701s! They are my first serious headphone, so I can’t make a comparison with other headphones, but I am definitely not disappointed at all with how they sound, look, feel, etc. 600 more words


Quantum one of the leading names in IT peripherals and consumer electronics launches its latest QHM253W – The perfect mix of performance, precision & Price! 256 more words


AKG-K545 - Review

I’ve owned its bigger brother, the AKG-K550 for a good while . In some ways it is one of the best closed headphones out there as I’ve rarely heard such an open sound from a headphone in this category. 1,889 more words


NAD VISO HP50 - Review

It’s just awesome when you find some friend to share your hobbies with, especially when you’re not having an usual hobby like us, the audiophiles. Well, I managed to gather a few quality friend with this hobby. 2,144 more words


Kristen Stewart Makes Her Acting Debut In "Just One Of The Guys"

By now you have probably seen the new video for Jenny Lewis’s latest single “Just One of the Guys” from her forthcoming album “The Voyager.”  It stars Jenny Lewis, Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson and Kristen Stewart alternating between white suits with pretty/punk-rock hair and makeup and full Adidas jumpsuits with flat brims and mustaches.   99 more words