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Don't praise him, ever!

I seem to have spent the penultimate day of term dishing out thanks in all directions; some heartfelt to self sacrificing souls who have gone that extra mile this year, and the inevitable few between gritted teeth. 592 more words


For Whom the Jingle Bells Toll

While still reeling from an email from my local authority Director of Education, who tellingly has a social care rather than education background, that started by saying that Christmas is a lovely time to be in a primary school, and having to front over 12 hours of nativity plays this week while an otherwise reasonable and lovely staff suddenly find lots of ‘and another thing’ issues they need sorted urgently and while I’m typing endlessly without even a whiff of a full stop, I have decided that in order to reduce my stress and improve my chances of surviving the next few years I should commit myself to the additional pressure of starting and maintaining a blog that I will fill in at least weekly, sending endless messages of frustration out into the howling void which will never be read and will probably end up being like the diary which starts on January 1st with ‘I will make this a daily record of my thoughts and feelings this year as I grow and develop as a human being’ and is followed with the next entry ‘July 3rd Aunt Julie’s birthday’. 76 more words


Much more than just results.......

So yes, our school did make the league table list.

Of course I was very happy, but I’m more excited by the fact that our children have achieved so much!   307 more words

League Tables.....

So the league tables have come out. I don’t believe any headteacher who says they wouldn’t care where their school stood on the league tables. How could you not feel a sense of pride knowing that your school was in one of the top twenty in the county? 154 more words

Crossing the Currents of Society

Much of what I teach is regarding absolute truth – it is fixed and foundational.

On the other hand, however, there’s a lot of what I share that is relative. 196 more words


It has been a while......

As we approach Christmas, I’m realising how much I’m missing the routine I was in of sitting down and writing about my day and my thoughts. 171 more words

Don't look Back in Anger

You may have noticed… I have been rather quiet on the Blogosphere recently. So when very recently some twitter colleagues said some nice things to me – I felt I needed to do something about it. 1,281 more words