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The importance of play....

Another excellent day of break. The children played in the garden, enjoying the beautiful weather.

I discussed the importance of children just ‘being’ yesterday.

Letting children play and use their imaginations is a vital part of the growing up process. 326 more words

Ready to get back to it....and letting children just 'be.'

Finally starting to walk normally again. I’m still extremely sore but I have made myself walk more and more today which has allowed me to ease the tension out of my muscles and joints. 274 more words

Rock and Hardplace - RET and DAP predictions

Let us now predict: Soon after the RET review the fossil fuel generators will celebrate with a short-term price relief. It is a two edged sword, as they will discover the relief may be temporary. 461 more words

Hot Air

It's over and I received a medal!!

The marathon is over. I don’t want to walk another step. My legs are burning like something I have never known.

Running for 26.2 miles has the highest highs and the lowest lows. 261 more words

One more sleep!

I’m about to go to bed to get as much rest as I can before the big day. I’m a mixture of nerves and excitement. I have no idea how I will be feeling in the morning! 117 more words

Only three more sleeps....

I’m getting geared up for Sunday, getting really excited now! I just really hope I make it! I have been looking at Paula Radcliffe’s times thinking why I haven’t trained hard enough to be among the best! 234 more words

I am ready to run!

I have my race number ready for Sunday. I figured I better get down to London as quickly as I could to register – it was a much quicker and smoother process than I imagined. 224 more words