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…you are going through hell, keep going,” said one rather esteemed Winston Churchill. Yes, this appears all over the place today; on mugs, inspirational fitness sites, T-shirts and magnets, but for each person to whom this has significance,┬áis has some pretty big-ass, honking significance. 826 more words


Inspirational Iyengar

Inspirational Iyengar

So today I practiced in a very sad class of yoga in the wake of Guru BKS Iyengar’s death at the phenomenal age of 92. 222 more words

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Calming Headstand Practice (Video)

Filmed on location in the Escalante area of Utah, this video leads you through a slow series of poses including a couple gentle shoulder openers, Headstand and Reclining Hand to Big Toe leg stretch. 220 more words


Potentially Fatal Yoga Poses For Stoners Part 2

Today in class I almost face planted while transitioning from crow pose to tripod headstand. My face is still intact guys don’t worry!! The class was extra hot (they turned on these things called “exhaust pipes” that really just made the room over 105 degrees) and the principle of the day, which I kept repeating to myself as steam filled the air, was breath. 148 more words


Potentially Fatal Yoga Poses for Stoners Part 1:

I’ve been participating in the 30/40 challenge at Corepower Yoga Capitol Hill (30 classes in 40 days yeah). I sat next to one of my good friends on the mat today. 177 more words


Evening Play

Now just to do it without the wall! Please also ignore the messy living room in the background :)



Head Stand Progress - August 17

It has been almost a month since I first started doing head stands. I admit, but I haven’t really been practicing because of exams and the extra hours I was working. 90 more words