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Day 43

More headstand endurance training and trying to hold a free standing handstand for as long as possible in good form!There is this sweet spot where my body stacks up just right and there is perfect amount of weight distribution where I can stay up longer then usual. 203 more words

Day 42

I can’t believe it’s the last day of the long weekend gone by already! I’m still feeling under the weather, but better then the last few days. 276 more words

Yoga: Tips for Fore-arm Stand Pose

Now after headstand pose feels easy, my next challenge is fore-arm stand. This pose is much harder to do than it looks, and strongly requires strong arms and balance. 340 more words


Inversions and eye problems

I had been teaching Salamba Sirsasana (supported head pose, or headstand) to one of my long time students. She had struggled hard to learn the pose, first conquering fear, then strength, then equipoise. 230 more words

Building Blocks for Learning Headstands

The other day, someone emailed me and asked: What are some building blocks for learning how to do a headstand? My upper arm strength isn’t great.  214 more words


Day 39

I woke up feeling a little better today, but a still a little stuffy.

I had a fun yoga session with Jordan today, we worked mostly on inversions – headstand and tripod headstand. 92 more words

Aspiring break-dancer flips into another direction

Jamie Chan, 18, is a UOW student with great promise. With a huge interest and talent in break-dancing, Jamie has decided to expand his repertoire and study journalism. 75 more words