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Headstand Thoughts

Finally being home for my break from college is so relaxing. Getting to see my friends and just not worry about school is so nice! I am going to miss the SCAD Yoga Studio though, having multiple yoga classes every single day I could go to was amazing. 177 more words


Being patient with your body during yoga

Two days ago, I was practicing yoga at home, directly after taking a Vinyasa class at my local studio.  I was feeling motivated and excited, and I wanted to see how far my body would go that day.   568 more words


The Headstand - King of Asanas

Sirasana, the headstand, otherwise known as The King of Asanas, is one of the most powerfully beneficial yoga poses for both the body and the mind. 948 more words



The desert’s sunrise/
Was a feast to our eyes/
The dry heat and hot wind/
Caressing our skin/

Sing me baby, whole/
Run baby, run baby, run baby, run/ 266 more words

Getting Little, Feeling Small

EVEN falling needs to be learned. I had my first such lesson in Korean, all gibberish to me, on the ski slopes of Yongpyong way back in 1993. 918 more words


Episode 119// Head-stand from the True-heart

Hi beautiful people,

So glad to be here with you today. I taught this class this morning, under a balsamic moon. It is clear and cold here in Portland, and we began class with a discussion about how autumn is affecting our bodies and energy. 432 more words


Practise Notes

Tuesday morning mysore class is slowly becoming a habit rather than an act of initial enthusiasm and subsequently willpower. It’s just a given now. Feels like my asana alignment and depth is improving more quickly than with just my home practise. 874 more words

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