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On ye 'ed

Introversion’s, has always been one of my favorites! right from when I was a kid, I remember getting shouted at so many times because I use to do handstands against our white front wall of the shop we lived in, in trawden leaving muddy foot prints all over it. 66 more words

Head Stand Progress - July 23

Another progress picture… With my head stand this time! I figured I should probably work on my head stands before I jump right into other stands. 122 more words


"Excuse me, I don't bend that way."

A few months back, a blogger I’ve been reading for years posted a beautiful picture, where she and her daughter are doing yoga outside, accompanied by a few words about starting with yoga and how it’s shaped her life in a short time. 757 more words

28 Day Yoga Challenge

I’m so excited to be taking part in a 28 day yoga challenge at my local yoga studio!! Basically the challenge is just to try and do at least 15 minutes of yoga each day for 28 days. 141 more words

Fearless 14: L-Stands (Handstand Prep)

Let’s talk about Handstands and Headstands.  If you’ve been to a Power Yoga class, they are kind of the “cool kid on campus.”  Everyone is impressed by them, and wants to be just like them.   594 more words

Headstand in 7 Easy Steps

The journey to headstand can be scary but in the end so incredibly empowering. Each teacher and lineage tends to have their own approach so please respect this as you take these teachings with you as there is value in each approach. 318 more words

Headstand Bearlin

Circa 2012.  While on a business trip in Berlin.  I wasn’t regularly practicing yoga then but this one caught my eye.

Travel Tales of a Yogini.   8 more words