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Art for Eternity

Yesterday we visited a village church whose cemetery was full of ornately-carved headstones, many of which have stood the test of time fairly well…

On My Travels

More Manna from Heaven: Of Bessie, Joseph, Max and the Brotmanville Brotmans

As I wrote yesterday, the notes of the conversation with my Aunt Elaine about the family history are remarkably accurate.  Although much of what was in there I had learned either from my mother or brother or cousins or from my own research, there were a few stories in the notes, a few comments, that revealed something I had not known for sure before.  918 more words

Family Information And Updates

The Gravestone Girls

This post is directed mostly at the folks living here or near Western Massachusetts. Full Disclosure: I’m promoting a presentation that will take place this Wednesday night at the April meeting of the  566 more words


When you're dead, you're dead a long time

Here’s the thing about death: it’s permanent. Regardless of your beliefs about the afterlife, in this life, when you take your last breath on earth, the story is over. 117 more words


mother's day

Dear Mummy,

Happy Mother’s Day. This will be my second one without you and I’m not even four yet. All the other children at nursery made cards for their mummies this week, but I made one for Nanny instead – a great big yellow one with colourful feathers all over it. 588 more words

dreading things

Hangovers are a funny old business. In that moment when I’m about to down something that looks radioactive and tastes like it might kill me, I rarely think ahead to how bad I’ll feel the next day. 731 more words