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Chinese Popstar Jason Zhang Wins An AMA; Gives Shout Out To Michael Jackson For His Influence

Sources: LA.com – By Mariecar Mendoza| Edited By – All Things Michael

The American Music Awards honored many homegrown artists, from Luke Bryan to Taylor Swift… 164 more words

Michael Jackson

Do They Know It's Christmas

Thirty years ago, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” was released and instantly it became one of my favorite Christmas songs.  It was not  one of the typical happy joyful holiday song that I had always heard and loved.  92 more words

Band Aid 30

I am genuinely appalled and furious at the amount of hate and negativity surrounding the Band Aid 30 single in the press and social media. 319 more words

Band Aid 30

This Michael Jackson Podcast Will Not Heal The World

The longest episode of “Yaxzon Jackson” to date includes beer sippin’, multiple “Saturday Night Live” references, a small snit about “We Are The World,” and some wild new mailbag sound effects. 16 more words

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is

A thought for today, a reality for tomorrow.

We see a makeshift children’s ward. We see little kids who are barely past five years having bandages on their frail bodies, crutches by their bedsides and gloomy looks on their young faces. 335 more words


I feel uncomfortable leafing through the newspapers these days, looking through the news put up in Yahoo. Its pretty sad to have to admit this, but the place we call our home-our world, is in a mess.I mean, everyone is saying that -no big deal- but do we truly understand the meaning behind that? 432 more words

Insomnia strikes again...

The passed month has been quite the challenge. Eventhough I don’t have a real job at the moment; I had been running around to prepare for my church’s first international activity AND the regular preparations for the Sunday services. 306 more words