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Aloe Vera - Why You Need It In Your Life

Dr Peter Atherton is the man with all the information on this topic, he is on a mission to get you on the Aloe Vera Gel band wagon and I couldn’t agree with him more. 628 more words


Why I Had Daddy Issues

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say ‘daddy issues’?

We think of a poor girl who is so disillusioned with her father/ that she seeks love in all the wrong places and works up a name for herself. 1,189 more words

Walk With Us

My Friend has Cancer and is Healed, Amen

Life can be so complicated sometimes, but that’s no reason for us to feel distressed or defeated. Life can seem even more complicated when people start reflecting on the lives of those around them. 450 more words


Band of Gypsies

“The Beer Garden is packed. Boisterous twenty-somethings behind the Bohemian Hall pound pilsners, while thirty and forty-somethings chase after their gravel-kicking kids who end up cackling in their fathers’ arms as they make involuntary trips back to communal tables. 44 more words

New York City

in the lifeboat, now what?

For those of you that know all too well the experience of facing the inevitable this blog post is for you. To gently encourage you to not fear the storm. 812 more words

Identity Crisis

FAQ 38


You said before we don’t need any pay healers, but I teach children at a cram school. Even if I couldn’t do them good, or they didn’t improve at all, I get tuition fees. 390 more words


Austin Ashiatsu, Better than Your Average Bodywork

I had the deep pleasure (pun intended) of experiencing for myself the talented feet of Cathy Royder.  I can admit to being a bodywork pig.  But I am a picky and discriminating bodywork pig.   341 more words