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doTerra Essential Oils

Yesterday afternoon I went to a friends house to a talk on doTerra Essential Oils. While I’ve heard of essential oils of course, and have even been known to use the odd one or two, for example, lavender oil is made into a spray for the house, while Tea Tree oil is always my go to first aider of course, I had never heard of doTerra. 219 more words


Can you get a better nights sleep and improve your health and happiness?

Is your mind busy when it’s time to rest and sleep? Do you have problems switching off at bedtime? Mind active and won’t slow down? Do you toss and turn because your thoughts won’t let you rest? 874 more words


Torturous Limbo, My Current Residency...

Did he sing every fucking amazingly beautiful song to me?!!! George Strait’s “I get Carried Away”, Zac Brown’s “Whatever it is”, Brad Paisley’s “She’s everything”, to name just a few of the fucking hundreds… 545 more words

Inner Strength

Good-bye Wedding Dress

I had a beautiful wedding dress.

I had a beautiful wedding.

I always hoped that my daughter would wear my wedding dress – that she would walk down the aisle in it as her something “old” to be passed on to her daughter and her daughter and her daughter. 232 more words


Letting Go of the Need to Control Outcomes

Hard Lessons

Whenever I learn something big, it takes a bit of head spinning first, a fair bit of confusion, low energy, gentle self care and some sleepless nights, but I’m finally there.. 250 more words


Matthew 13 - The Kingdom Of God Is Like ... Part 1

Today We are going to take a look at some characteristics of the kingdom of God in Matthew 13.

The kingdom of God is easy to sow but just as easy to lose. 477 more words