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Equality: How We Get It All Wrong

I’ve been meditating on the issue of equality for the past couple of days; what exactly it means to us as human beings, and how we go about living that in our daily lives. 766 more words


Willow's Holiday '14: Castillo de San Marcos

The Castillo de San Marcos is a remarkable piece of history to explore!  The walls echo with an eerie beauty that can be felt deep within.  355 more words


One day at a time

My latest post for Patheos, One day at a time, on recovery.  Trigger warning for frank discussion of self-injury.

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Feeling Drained? How To Power Up Your Energy!

You are special and unique, and so is your energy.  You see, your body is spectacular web of energy.  And just like a cell phone connects you to the World,  this field of energy connects you to the Divine.   629 more words

Puppet on a String

Welcome everybody! Take a seat. You too, father, I want you to sit down. This is not your group, you are not leading it.

Everyone: the task today is to notice your judgments about what is going to happen here – and see if you can let them go. 515 more words

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THE EMPTY CHAMBER OF MY HEART (A Song for a Heart Without Joy)

Three chambers of my heart are full
With so much faith and hope and love
But there is an empty chamber hidden
And a closed door keeps sweet joy trapped above… 291 more words


Connections - Stars

One of the things I love to do when I have a moment spare is to put my hand in the bag, pull out a connection and see what message it has for me for that day. 110 more words

Web Of Life