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  • Merging is one of the most sacred forms of human expression and should be treated as such.
  • If used correctly, merging is medicine. It may help heal, guide, teach, deepen understanding &/or strengthen connections.
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Taoism in a Nutshell

What is a spiritual system? I see it as a kind of map which we can use to navigate Reality and guide our way through life. 523 more words


Challenging Forgiveness

“How can I forgive her if she hasn’t said she’s sorry?” My son looked at me with his penetrating blue eyes, his sincere question about his sister unwittingly peeling a scab off my past. 1,273 more words


The Daggum Head-cold, and My Theory

I’ve had this annoying cold the past few days. It started with a scratchy throat and sneezing, which lead to a stuffy head, swollen throat, and runny nose. 628 more words



Sunday marks 8 years of survival

My boyfriend came across conversations we had 6 years ago – many of which illustrate the flashbacks, the anxiety, and the coping I so haphazardly attempted in the early stages of the healing process. 105 more words


A red fox visit and more healing for my dad

Yesterday morning I looked out in the back yard and saw our neighbor’s black cat running through our yard. I thought it was chasing another neighborhood cat, but suddenly realized that wasn’t another cat at all that I was seeing!  632 more words