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Why Narcissists must be so "Special"

Narcissists must always be considered “so special” for one simple reason- they really, really suck at being “normal”.

I realize our definitions of “normal” all vary. 228 more words


Layers Letting Go

When I pull back the layers to see what’s inside, It’s no wonder I want to run and hide

The pain that I felt, the hurt that I hid, the confusion and shame that haunted within… 433 more words

Sometimes What's Best Isn't Always Convenient

When you are trapped in abuse, there is never any such thing as an easy choice.

Do I tell someone he is verbally shredding me apart when we are alone, or do I make an excuse for that time you catch him bugging out on me in public?  1,890 more words

Domestic Violence

P.O.'d-------Put out and pretty ornery!

I am angry today.  Angry because I have wasted so much energy over the years.  Angry because I did not have a healthy family growing up.   497 more words

Judge not . . . lest ye be wrong.

I sometimes am asked about the kinds of subjects and characters I like to write about.

While I haven’t necessarily set out to do so—not consciously, anyway—it seems that, one way or another and more often than not, the underlying themes of both my fiction and non-fiction writing are rooted in certain needs central to the well-being of us all: 847 more words



Many issues of sexual abuse are often swept under the carpet so it is important and necessary to educate children early on matters that concern their lives. 1,270 more words


The Magic of Self Empowerment

It never ceases to amaze me, but even years after coming out of a relationship with a narcissist I can still have times when the pull of that connection and all that happened during the time it lasted comes back to me. 2,571 more words