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Breaking Off Ties to an Abusive Parent

Breaking off ties to an abusive parent isn’t easy. For one thing, you will have years of history with that person and with your extended family of siblings, children, aunts and uncles, etc. 293 more words

Understanding The Dynamics Of Abuse

After Two Years of Freedom from Abuse, This is What I Want You to Know

As some of you who have been following my posts for a while now already know, today, December 14,2014 marks my second year of freedom from the man who was my abuser, my tormentor, and my own personal monster.  2,707 more words

Domestic Violence

Deprogramming from Abusive Parents' Mind Control

When you are raised by an abusive, addicted, and/or mentally ill parent, you will end up with a lot of garbage programming that you’ll need to eventually shake off. 545 more words

Understanding The Dynamics Of Abuse

Channel Surfing - Trigger

In and out you weave your way through the shadows,

clumsily tripping over my memories of you,

searching, ravaging, fiendishly shredding

and ripping me apart at the seams… 793 more words

Domestic Violence

Day #5 Emotional Wholeness-Sistah Kenya the Author

Since I was a kid, I was always innately the protector and care giver. I had the urge to care for others and was given the responsibility as an older sibling. 579 more words

I love love love my doggie!

Oh man, I never thought I’d let anything melt my frozen heart. My whole life, I’ve been cold towards everything; children, old people, babies (oh, I’ve hated babies), innocence…but this little man has been slowly melting my heart over the past year. 793 more words