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Done for a while, researching/thinking, about abusive people. Time to believe I deserve 'nice' stuff.

I have a pretty extensive knowledge of abusive people, from personal experience being abused by them and from research and counselling, and I am aware I have insight and the capacity to pick on unhealthy traits easily. 538 more words

Dear society, please stop putting time frames on people's healing...

Everyone is different.

Every journey is different.

Only God knows how long each person needs to heal.

For some it may be fairly quick, for some it may be a few years, for some longer and for some it will be a lifelong journey. 30 more words

Mental health professionals, refer their clients to my Facebook community page.

A message to my Facebook community page today.

I’ve had quite a few messages like this, and I am deeply thankful my posts, expressing my journey, info I share, help mental health professionals, their clients and anyone who reads anything I write. 33 more words

Forgiveness & compassion for abusers, does not heal the damage done in childhood.

I believe in forgiveness and I do not have hate for my abusers. I don’t want retribution, I don’t want an apology and I don’t need anything from them. 265 more words