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I love love love my doggie!

Oh man, I never thought I’d let anything melt my frozen heart. My whole life, I’ve been cold towards everything; children, old people, babies (oh, I’ve hated babies), innocence…but this little man has been slowly melting my heart over the past year. 793 more words


If I hadn't had an abortion the baby would be due next week

Is kind of the only thing on my mind right now. As the due date looms my mood keeps getting weirder – I keep thinking about how I would be ready to pop and become a mother, but then at the back of my head I know I made the right decision by aborting because I’m not ready to be a good parent. 471 more words


Forgiveness, thoughts and observations ..

After spending the day with a wonderful group of women looking at how abuse still affects our decisions and thoughts…..I am sobered.  God in His infinite mercy and wisdom creates us to be beings who crave fellowship.   419 more words

“I hold the hands of people I never touch.
I provide comfort to people I never embrace.
I watch people walk into brick walls, the same ones over and over again, and I coax them to turn around and try to walk in a different direction. 184 more words

Mental Illness

Cleaning Out Your Fridge (Advice for Survivors of Abuse)

“I thought I dealt with the abuse. I went 10, 20, 30 years without issue so why is it coming up now?” This is a common statement from survivors, especially those of us in the ‘older generations’ who were not as comfortable as the new generation in ‘therapy’ and blogging and posting our feelings and inner struggles for the world to empathize or judge. 1,029 more words


Thoughts from the week....

I witnessed an act of violence this week, It left me strangely numb- others said it broke their heart, I was not undone.

Violence is a way of life when you live in sin and strife, Things that upset others are only to you the basics in life. 318 more words

Child Abuse

Why Narcissists must be so "Special"

Narcissists must always be considered “so special” for one simple reason- they really, really suck at being “normal”.

I realize our definitions of “normal” all vary. 228 more words