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Memory Train Keeps Rolling

How do you deal with the fear of falling?

I’m not talking about falling into poverty, or falling into sin, or falling out of touch with reality. 321 more words

A Blessing

I want to pause the DBT button for a moment and talk about something ontologically significant–our right to be here.

Let me explain.

Many people who follow this blog have experienced abuse.   923 more words


Cycles and Progress

I spent two weeks in Jackson Heights, NY, where I grew up and where I lived for the first five years after Lyme Disease caused me to become disabled. 2,263 more words


Free to Heal

It wasn’t that long ago that I shared how I cut myself pretty bad while shaving. Last night Joi noticed how quick it healed and I never put a bandage over it. 107 more words

The Reformed Inmates Opened Up Their Brand New Noodle Shop

A new lead on life here, from the Newspapers, translated…

The noodle shop set up by the Fujian Reformed Inmates Protection Association and the Kinmen Penitentiary had it’s opening yesterday at the second office of the D.A.’s offices, this, IS the first place of the differences of reforming the inmates had made, in the future, the products produced by the Kinmen Penitentiary would also include, noodles, rice noodles, pottery and pita pockets, where you can order from and pick up from. 131 more words


wellness booster #603

The ancient Greeks had a term to describe that desirable sense of happiness and well-being: eudaimonia, “good-spiritedness”.

The internal state of eudaimonia has as its external, physical reflection a neurochemistry supporting relaxation and healing. 576 more words

Preventive Wellness