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Walking It Out

Wrote this Saturday evening.. very late. Too late to post.  But I’m going to leave it as it stands…


I had decided early on with this blog, given the title, that I would do my best to be transparent and be real, even when things weren’t all awesome and amazing. 582 more words

Just Life Moments

April 20, 2014: Tarpon Springs Preserve

After a miserable day yesterday feeling pretty out of sorts, I woke up this morning ready to move on. My “new” thing for the day was to go by myself to a park north of my home and commune with nature. 450 more words


April 19. 2014: Humane Society

I forced myself to try to figure out something to do as my “new” thing for the day that was outside of the house. I finally settled on a visit to the Humane Society to cuddle some cats. 612 more words

New Day Starts Now

awareness in healing

A wise woman I know reminds me often that she cannot fix what she doesn’t know is broken. My personal philosophy on healing follows a similar line of logic. 425 more words

Social Locations

April 16, 2014: In the Moment

I had planned my “new” thing to do today since the end of last week. A gentleman, Richard, who owns a company that provides a house-sitting and car service, was scheduled to come to the house to meet me. 1,032 more words


Finally, I Let Go, of the Grips of Your Memories

A brand new day has begun, and, unlike any other mornings before, I don’t feel heavy, at the moment upon waking…

Finally, I let go, of the grips of your memories, it’d taken me forever (literally) to get here, and, looking back, it’d been real hard, letting go of ALL the sentimental attachments I’d had with you, but, I finally realized, that by allowing the love I have for you leash me, I’m suffocating myself. 100 more words


April 15, 2014: Atomic Tattoo

I decided today that I needed to do something totally out of character. My “new” thing to do for the day was to visit a tattoo parlor! 919 more words

Being A Widow