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Aaaaand I’m back, The pit of despair well below my feet, but the sky still well beyond my reach, but I. AM. BACK.

I have painfully, deleted him from my skype, steam and twitter. 486 more words


What Forgiveness is NOT

When we’re Starting Over Single, many people will tell us that we must learn to forgive. While forgiveness is a necessary part of our healing process, it is definitely a process. 298 more words

Getting to the bottom of it.

I shouldn’t be slagging him off to our mutual friends, but when they’re just as pissed at him for one reason or another things just snowball. 900 more words


Scars on the Souls

And no, these still won’t SCAB, OR heal up proper (I still know it too, okay???) EVER, these, are the ones that stays on you, for L-I-F-E.   177 more words


The beauty of failing

When you put all your energy to achieve a goal that you’ve set to only end up so close of it but yet so far from it. 621 more words


Breaking up bad

I know people mean well when they try and “help me” with their advice. But sometimes hearing someone say “you’ll get over it.” and “you’ll find someone better,” gets pretty annoying after the 300 millionth time. 510 more words


The Death of My Mother in 1993

On loss, translated…

This Lonely World Became

The Only Heritage She’d Left Behind for Me

Maybe because you were too enmeshed with your mother, that, was why her death is hitting you this hard?   28 more words