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Does Your Path Lead to Love?

There are many religions and philosophies available to all humans in this lifetime. Some of us may not believe in God, while others believe that there is a spiritual reality that is beyond our five senses. 383 more words


Steve's New Hip Is on the Horizon - Med Tests Supplied - Registered for Surgery - Educated in Hip Replacement Operation and Healing Process - Ready for a New Hip - Posts May Be Slow for the Next Ten Days -

The time for Steve to receive his new hip draws near. I’m being cool about it. I’m not obsessing or freaking out. As the day approaches, I am accepting that God has chosen to allow Steve to undergo surgery rather than to receive a new flesh-and-bone hip. 101 more words



This summer I feel like I’m cheating. I’ve taken several coiling breaks since May. I’m about to take another one for three weeks while I go on my vacation (as opposed to caring for family members). 209 more words

Healing Process

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Texture

On Being Laid Bare



Peeling Back…


Laying Bare…

it’s fine for a birch tree…

but oh, so hard to see in

those we love. 112 more words


The power (and difficulty) of letting go

The Internet is littered with quotes on how to let things go. The Bible contains verse after verse on letting go of the past, forgiveness, and choosing the higher road. 668 more words


Up up up, down, up and it goes on and on and on

And here we go again.  Sometimes it’s just difficult to accept the fact that someone u loved and cared for so much would just leave you cos they’ve had enough of you. 198 more words

By grace, I'm free.

There is light at the end of my tunnel.

No more shame, no guilt, no oppression. Just infinite lessons on the inheritance of praise and abiding in God’s presence. 92 more words