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The Burden of WHY

I feel compelled to write this out, but I want to write it carefully.  I don’t want to trigger anyone.  I don’t often write explicitly about my past sexual abuse largely because I identify less and less with it.   1,154 more words



We really had a good friendship, and I feel like I’m ready to find out if he would be open to being friends with me… I know its been just over a month and surely I’m not over him in that time… but the only way of truly knowing would be to just put myself out there… really though, to avoid total catastrophe… I have to ask myself: 774 more words


Feeling like day one again.

I really miss him and I hate myself for it.

I don’t know why 6..7 ish weeks after the breakup, I feel like I’m at day one. 660 more words



Spinning, spinning, spinning
The room spins around me
My world spinning so fast
Disorienting my head
Blurring my thoughts

I feel my feet on the ground… 198 more words


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Still in the PTSD cycle here, but surely, getting closer to healing every single day...

A Survivor's Nightmare

This, is a survivor’s nightmare, you think you’d survived through whatever tragedy that’s happened???  Think again, living THROUGH it physically, is just the beginning of ALL of this! 396 more words


Too close to call.

I miss you.

That’s how it will start, I’m sitting with my phone in my hands, the line blinking, waiting for action… just blinking patiently, the message is still under my control. 370 more words


Forgiving Myself

Forgiving myself, that, is what I desperately needed to do.  Forgiving myself, I thought it’d be easier, after all, I’m only dealing with me, but, as I started the process, I’d come across several obstacles. 196 more words