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The Death of My Mother in 1993

On loss, translated…

This Lonely World Became

The Only Heritage She’d Left Behind for Me

Maybe because you were too enmeshed with your mother, that, was why her death is hitting you this hard?   28 more words


What if he really was the one?

Really? we’re going there….

Seriously, I’ve never really believed in “the one,” I do however, believe in wanting what you cant have. Yes he was sweet and kind and non-judgmental, but I need to remember that if I pointed a teaspoon at SETII I would get better communication. 202 more words



Most of us have heard of the Japanese tradition of kintsugi, where broken pottery is repaired with gold, the idea is to get across that breakage and repair is part of the history of an object, and becomes more interesting and beautiful because of it. 204 more words


I broke

Urgh, so as constructive as I might sound when making these posts on my more lucid moments, I had a really bad day today and broke my “No contact” with the Ex. 397 more words


The ebb and flow

So I have been fairly rational for most of the day, and pumped about all the great new things I’ll get to do in the future. 369 more words


A Volunteer Who’s Extremely Capable at Playing Mind Games

Sometimes, manipulations is a M-U-S-T!!! Translated…

That day I waited in the waiting room of the hospital, I’d seen this scene from the corner of my eyes: an elderly man on a wheelchair, angrily, threw out the bag of medication that was in his grasp, called out, “I will NEVER get better again, what’s the use of these meds?” 389 more words


The Lure of Antibiotics

It’s been two weeks since I returned from vacation. I’ve been having a hard time since I left Mongolia.

That’s right. Mongolia.

It was a fabulous trip. 881 more words