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San Diego Adventure, Grounding Joy

We just got back from a wedding celebration in San Diego. Whenever I visit or move to a new place I always adjust and ground through connecting with the nature in that place. 587 more words


Lavendilly Story Time: The Ringing Bell

This is the story of my Little One’s caesarean birth. I wrote this to tell at her 4th birthday party, although I told a simplified version. 1,527 more words

Deer Song Story

Magik and I went into the woods before the day got hot and the workday got underway. Sometimes we play follow the leader, sometimes Magik follows me, today I followed Magik. 637 more words


Nature Spirit Healing

The clouds feathered the turquoise sky so softly. Dragon, phoenix, nature spirits and animal spirits graced the sky. Archetypes and angels played in blue-white ecstasy. Magik and I were out seeking another adventure. 555 more words


Listening is Healing

I started my day in Healdsburg. It’s always a pleasure to get out-of-town, even a day-trip can feel like a mini vacation. I sat in Starbucks writing as I do before my appointments. 592 more words