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I figured it was time to write a poem about you that wasn't sad (April 19, 2014)

You told me,
“It’s okay if you don’t know”
It was one of the few times in my life
I heard it and believed it. 105 more words

Original Work

Too Much

When I was a kid, I used to get teased for being weird. I had a crazy imagination, lots of energy, and some far out notions about reality. 564 more words


New mercies every morning

I love driving down the highway to find the glory of God’s creations greeting me in the morning. I look back over my life, the blessings, the hurts, the triumphs, the losses, the questions. 40 more words


Crystals & Chakras

Crystals and gemstones have their own sound, vibration and energy – and when these connect with your energy by being placed on your chakras, held in meditation or even placed in your aurora their energy can change and balance yours.  495 more words

Wait It Out - Imogen Heap

“Everybody says time heals everything”

This is an amazing song which just about captures the existential mood I’m in.
It perfectly sums up the twists and turns of life, sorrows and endless periods of waiting in an array of electronic beats paired with Imogen’s soft but haunting vocals. 40 more words

Oh the wonderful cross...

The older I get, the more Easter Sunday means to me. I think, as a child, I may have missed the real significance of this day, what it was suppose to mean to me, as a person, as a Christian. 362 more words

Our Sodalite Skull

My husband and I purchased this sodalite skull from the Princess sodalite mine rock shop in Bancroft Ontario Canada last fall. My husband was instantly drawn towards this specimen. 95 more words