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Gratitude Monday

On Mondays, since those are usually the most annoying days at work and the most stressful overall, I’m going to discuss what has happened in the past week that has made me grateful: 369 more words


Krabi Weekend

There is such pain.

There is such joy.

But it is all an illusion.

Fear grips me and makes me think this is my reality but I refuse to buckle under the pressures to confirm, to believe that the rat race is the only way. 405 more words


Kim Angel

That’s how my friend Kim is listed in my cell phone.
Though the lighting doesn’t do these flowers justice,
Kim showed up upon hearing about my fall to check on me. 67 more words


Marriage from hell: the happy ending (III)

Continuing my series about healing from abuse.  When I left off, I had just finished discussing the second big area of focus that I had.  Moving on - 1,339 more words


World Hepatitis Day | July 28

Today is World Hepatitis day!!!

Did you know that Viral Hepatitis kills 1.5 million people each year worldwide?  That’s as many people as HIV/AIDS!  Hepatitis is the 8th biggest killer worldwide. 219 more words


The rebirth of the Phoenix

….and in this, not only did they fail. They granted us the greatest gift. A chance at our rebirth. We will rise, renewed, stronger and united.

207 more words

Eid Mubarak!

Selamat Hari Raya to you and your loved ones :) I pray that the next year will be filled with blessings, and that the suffering of our brethren worldwide will be eased. 27 more words