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Early Morning Sonnet

This August morning’s warm, wet pre-dawn hour
Reveals the silent secret of the day:
Now time itself is silent and unshaped,
Before the fog and dew are burned away. 78 more words




Luke 1:37 – “For with God nothing will be impossible.

You may have heard from friends or seen in Christian books the popular question, “What would Jesus do?” It is a question Christians are taught to ask themselves when faced with a problem… 2,777 more words


Bruises - beyond skin deep

I don’t bruise easily. I know that’s a good thing but sometimes I will hurt myself with witnesses who verify the severity of the incident with ‘oooh that’ll be a nice bruise’ and so I would wait…checking daily for the tell tale signs of pigmentation. 202 more words



I feel so much guilt a good point of the time. Guilt about the rape. Guilt about depression and who it affects. Guilt about the thoughts that play repeatedly in my head…somethings gotta change and soon, so I’ve decided I’m going to sign up next week for the gym regardless of what ever I can think of as an excuse. 200 more words

Is Mindfulness The Same As Escaping Reality?

Can one of you enlightened people please tell me how – or if – you know when you are truly being mindful and when you are instead using your mindfulness to escape the (sometimes very) harsh reality of life? 1,017 more words


The Art of Haircut: Freedom from Trauma…or Not

Our Hair is…

Hair (head) is one of the major characteristics of the human beings from many other living creatures. It serves as the thermal regulation and the sensory functions, which the biological functions rather go unnoticeable compared with the much greater social significance, e.g. 1,104 more words