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Taking Too Much Ritalin Can Lead To Substance Abuse

A lot of young people suffer from ADHD. A common drug that is prescribed for this is ritalin. This drug is designed to help the person maintain better focus. 269 more words


“The intersection of Strategy, people, place and process – An approach to improve operational effectiveness in healthcare sector”

This approach is based on the challenges being faced by hospitals, clinics and charitable institutions and hospitals that serve the population in different areas.


This part of project will basically highlight the challenges being faced by budding and well established hospitals or clinics in India. 698 more words


Nourish Your Skin and Eyes From the Inside

i’m sorry it’s been so long since i’ve posted anything.  i’ve been traveling, dealing with some unfortunate news, and fighting off my online gaming addiction, diablo 3.    1,140 more words


Stop Stress In Its Tracks With These Tips

If you live a stressful life, you’re not alone. Many people have a lot of uncontrolled stress in their lives that affects their health and productivity. 305 more words


Weighting for Love

Practicing a healthy lifestyle is very much like maintaining a relationship. If you don’t work out or eat well, your body will react accordingly. Similarly, if you don’t communicate or respect your significant other, the relationship could wither away. 340 more words


365 Challenge Day 101 - Adaptation

Okay, my yoga practice was pretty mediocre today…

I spent the whole day with five kids, including my friends’ four-year-old who I was babysitting. After he went to sleep, and after I cleaned the kitchen, I was pretty tired but I set the timer for 30 minutes. 162 more words

365 Challenge

The Rationale for Holism

Why I the reason why, to know there is no beginning and to know there is no end, so we play in the middle without any clear direction. 796 more words