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Sleep is your best friend - don't fight it!

When and how much to sleep, is always a question I get. The answer is simply, once again, be healthy during the day and then listen to your body! 317 more words

Body&Mind Detox

10 Surprising Daily Rituals/Occurences That Are Making You Fat

1. Cash Register Receipts: People handling receipts are at risk of obesity and diabetes! Ink in receipts contains Bisphenol-A BPA which scientists in University of Missouri found it can sift into the blood stream and disrupt hormones. 769 more words


Today's Thought: A Pig to Mud

Quote from All of Grace: So it is with an ungodly man; you cannot force him to do what a renewed man does most willingly; you may teach him, and set him a good example, but he cannot learn the art of holiness, for he has no mind to it; his nature leads him another way.

Daily Thoughts

30 Day Challenge - No Booze for a Whole Month!?

As of Oct 19th, I have enlisted myself in a 30 Day No Booze Challenge. No alcohol, none, ziltch. Not that I am a huge drinker, but I do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner and the odd craft beer. 229 more words


How I See It { TOL #28 }

To be the best personal trainer, I’m learning to love myself.  During that two week break, that is one thing I really took a lot of time doing.   582 more words



I MET General Yakubu Gowon for the first time in 2005. The setting was Bamako, the Malian capital. I was covering the meeting of the African Statesmen Initiative, a forum of ex-African Heads of State, which brought several old African leaders together in the setting of a lovely hotel close to the River Niger. 806 more words


The love/hate relationship I have with running

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to running.

I think most runners do. After all, who in their right mind would want to wake up in the wee hours of a weekend morning and run with a bunch of strangers for many many miles just for a shiny piece of medal? 787 more words