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Adios Acne Solutions!

I’ve struggled through my twenties with on and off adult acne. I tried several products and they would help initially but after a month the whiteheads would start setting up shop again. 308 more words

Going Vegan

The Importance of Being Ernest

I have no idea who Ernest is, or why it’s important to be him, but this is a play by Oscar Wilde and it’s always confused me somewhat. 232 more words

Health And Fitness


I recently finished by e-book “ABS: THE SECRET REVEALED” and I feel like talking about Abs, so I have picked the 5 most important tips to get ripped Abs: 371 more words


August weekly goal crushing!

Hi guys,


Join us in setting weekly small attainable goals and crushing them!

4 weeks,4 goals, 4 crushed!

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Health And Fitness

4 day's in the life of Fiona Gator| Viva Livin Group Personal Training Retreat


This is 4 days in the life of Fiona Gator while attending Viva Livin Retreat, we asked her to keep a diary when she started, If any of you know Fiona Gator you will realise what a potentially dangerous request that could be but we know that this is a good insight in to Viva Livin Retreats…So here it is the full… kind of unedited version! 2,642 more words


Urban Wildlife 5k, August 2nd at 7am

My name is Nathan Bauer, a resident here in Richfield, and for the past six weeks I’ve been walking to develop good fitness habits to improve my overall health. 249 more words

Success Stories

The best results you've ever seen.

What separates a good workout from a great workout? Why can some people seemingly effortlessly build great physiques while you grind away, workout after workout, achieving mediocre results? 1,267 more words

Health And Fitness