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'Ello JoJo

I thought I would take time today to talk a little bit about my self. What better subject to go on about than me, myself, and I. 476 more words


Don't just race....Spartan Race!

Last weekend, with my boyfriend and 8 of my male relatives (yes I was the only girl), I got to participate in my third Spartan Race at Blue Mountain Ski Area in Palmerton, PA. 760 more words


A to Zinc

For the next 26 days (at least) it is my intent to review, foods, vitamins, antioxidant, etc. that are the ideal of health and nutrition for each letter of the alphabetical. 310 more words

Health And Fitness

Fitness Apparel: Burnout Racerback Tanks

Purple & Pink Burnout Racerback Tank $18

Email ighealthandfitness@gmail.com to order yours today! Pay via PayPal, + shipping where necessary. Also avail in Banana Cream, Orange, & Tahiti Blue!


Weights, 7 March 2013, Reverse Order Backwards

Switchout Circuit Training
WEIGHT :: 180.2

Arms (2) biceps
Legs (2) squats, squats
Chest (1) bench
Shoulders (3) upper, level, lower

L-A-S 4 x 15 @ 15… 540 more words

Circuit Training

Cardio, 4 March 2013, The Hard Work of Real Life

They say, “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” This is good, unless you want to collect moss. I do not. I like to stay busy and moving. 380 more words

Circuit Training

Body Love Series - Week 1 Results

Better late than never!

I wanted to update my blog on my body love results every Sunday, but this weekend was so hectic with plans that I completely forgot about it. 192 more words

Health And Fitness