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Working Out In Bars

I did some research to see where all the gyms were located close to my hotel in San Diego. I definitely want to get it in at least once at a good gym. 97 more words

Body And Mind

Unilateral Deficiencies: Progression

In life, we are constantly seeking progression. The capability to do more reps, run faster, work more efficiently, and so forth. It’s natural as pretty much everything progresses in some form or another. 625 more words


The Four P's

Lately I’ve been taking steps forward, but in different direction. I get so caught up in distractions, thoughts, and life, that sometimes I end up taking a detour. 462 more words


Filtered Garbage

I’ve sat in front of clients, or potential clients time after time getting them to bring the truth about their lives out. Many people prefer to hide everything about their lives that is unhealthy from me because its much easier to say that everything is alright, and to not have to see my judgmental face when they finally tell me about their binge drinking, poor food choices, lack of sleep, and/or poor stress management. 506 more words


No Pressure

Remember playing basketball at school during lunch or recess? One thing that would always happen at my school, once the bell rang, the game became “next point wins”. 584 more words


Back to Basics Part 2: Linear Support and Repetition (Practice Makes Permanent)

They say “Practice makes perfect,” but honestly the saying should be “Practice makes Permanent”. In the human body, when performing something like a squat, lunge, push press or other postural challenging exercises, the joints need linear support. 580 more words


Is It True?

“Is it true what they say, if you don’t use it you lose it?” This is one of my favorite lines from Steve Carell’s character in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.  803 more words