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Health and Nutritional Benefits...are there any?

Should you go gluten, egg and dairy free? NO! Not if you don’t have to. Many people have jumped on this bandwagon as a fad, not because their bodies can’t process these foods. 248 more words

Dairy Free

A coach really?

One of the things I have struggled with when starting this business, is that honestly I was ashamed to say I am a coach for beach body. 749 more words

Ever wanted to Run 5KM?

Hello all my wannabee runners!

I have always looked in envy at those natural runners who make it look so easy. I am by no means a couch potato but the stamina needed for long distance running has never been easy for me. 139 more words

Health And Nutrition

Creating access and equity in our schools to generate opportunity for all children

As election day draws near using your vote as your ‘voice’ is an often coined phrased. This election, there is one candidate that is championing a voice, one that is often unheard and unnoticed. 398 more words

“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.”

- Abraham Maslow


McDonalds and Chipotle - The Changing American Diet

You’re driving down the road at 6pm and your stomach starts gurgling out of hunger. You see a McDonalds on the left and a Chipotle’s on the right. 444 more words

Climate Change

Be a Better You!

I as a human, a crossfitter and a coach, am learning everyday. Something I’ve learned recently is how we as athlete push our bodies to extreme limits. 151 more words