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How goals become accomplishments.

Every Monday since 2007 I have had an 8:30 sales meeting. If I am late I am not allowed in the room. I have never been late. 908 more words

Baltimore Spa Week!!! Ends 4/27/14

Take advantage of these spa treatments for $50!!! I just made an apt for a service that’s normally $255!!!

Forgetfullness a poem by Billy Collins

Forgetfulness – I found this poem while searching for something totally different. I am not going to reprint the poem here BUT rather share the link back to where I found it BECAUSE Poets.org includes an actual recorded version of the author reading it. 118 more words


MOJI - 360 Mini Massager

Recovery and maintaining your muscles is one of the key factors in performing at peak levels whether it be during a long training session or on race day. 782 more words


Get Fit on the Job!

Trying to develop a regular fitness routine can be challenging. With our busy schedules, it’s sometimes difficult for many of us to workout. But, what if we could workout while on the job. 237 more words

Health And Wellness

Be Soulful Daily

Beyond the basic physical necessities, the greatest gift parents can offer their children and themselves is to be a clear mirror for themselves as conscious, spirit-embodies beings that reflect  back to them  as wholeness, self-love, joy, appreciation, empowerment , passion, truth, vibrancy and overall well-being in every interaction. 489 more words

Health And Wellness

A new approach to an old problem

Growing up, I was fat. There is no way to sugarcoat it — it’s the truth. I didn’t like being that way but I didn’t understand how it happened, or what I could do to fix it. 1,255 more words