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On the Path to Natural Living

For the past year or so I’ve been gingerly walking the path towards switching from chemical-laden, potentially harmful products, to products with more natural ingredients. I began by making a lot of my own cleaning products by following some recipes that I found on the IHeart Cleaning blog… 655 more words

Health And Wellness

Plateau Woes

It’s time to get serious. I’m currently at the weight I’ve been for most of my adult life and I’ve been stuck here for a few weeks now. 129 more words

Health And Wellness

Staying Active with a Hectic Schedule

I don’t know about you but my summers seem to fly by so quickly. A combination of work, vacations, weekend getaways, holidays, and visits with friends and family can make summer vanish in a blink of the eye. 685 more words

Vacation Re-set

Phew. Has it been busy around here! I always think that I’ll have more time to blog later, but then later comes and it never happens. 289 more words

Health And Wellness

Brad Renfro '90s Heartthrob - Quote from the heart!

According to the article portraying 10 teen heartthrobs of the ’90s then & now piece on www.therichest.com heartthrob Brad Renfro was quoted shortly before his death from a drug overdose, as saying, “ 31 more words


Sleepless Nights...

Sleepless nights…

When those who don’t understand say to you, “but you don’t look sick” or “you don’t look in pain”; God hold my peace. NO, I do not wear my disease across my forehead because I don’t want that to classify who I am. 247 more words

My Life With Sarcoidosis

Delight in Disorder

By: Tony Roberts

Recently I have had the pleasure of connecting with a captivating man named Tony Roberts through my blog.  Tony Roberts is a pastor, and is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.   361 more words