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Have your desert and don't worry!

With the holiday season upon us the food is ever present and most is high calorie and delicious.  Is there another way to have our dessert without the fattening calories and still taste good?   111 more words

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7 Ways To Stay Healthy & Eat What You Want On The Holidays!

The holidays are here, and we all know that cake and pie are calling your name! Well, good news. You can indulge in whatever you’d like without sacrificing health or weight. 54 more words

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Must-Haves for a Healthy, Thanksgiving Dinner

Cooking a healthy, Thanksgiving meal takes much thought, and calls for a little more attention to detail. For starters, using the best ingredients is very important. 176 more words

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Something Sweet and Healthy Just For You

This sweet treat is a great way to enjoy the holiday food and still make healthier choices.

2 large Avocados pitted and skin removed

4 scoops of vanilla protein  126 more words

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Fitness Friday Quote of the Day

I picked this one today because I’ve really been struggling with working out lately. I’m a personal trainer, so this shouldn’t be happening. However, this is something that also happens to my clients. 283 more words




How do you deal with annoying people/situations?  Do you get angry and say or do things you later regret? How do annoying people/situations impact your attitude for the day if you happen to meet up first thing in the morning? 169 more words

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Sometimes I Graffiti Cats on Buses

Visiting the NOMAD art bus during the Florida Bookstore Day after party. The non-profit organization visits disenfranchised neighborhoods to provide creative activities otherwise nonexistent for residents. 29 more words